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Saturday, May 28, 2011

My lovely husband

This week I'm grateful for my lovely husband. We've just had a really nice few days away. I'm grateful that he found such a beautiful spot. We walked, we drank wine, we drank coffee, we sat by the fire and we just enjoyed hanging out together.

He also made me this yummy breakfast.

I'm linking in again with Saturday grateful at Maxabellas.


  1. nothing better than a little gratitude in a marriage! I'm grateful for my husbie too


  2. wow - that is a great post!!! you guys look adorable there!!

  3. I complain a lot about mine, but I too am very grateful for him. Especially when he's being very manly and doing things like chopping wood at great speed on a chilly evening so he can get the fire going for his wife's cold toes.
    He's also one who makes great breakfasts. A keeper, all round!
    Glad you had a nice time away.

  4. They come in handy don't they! Gorgeous post!

  5. Ah that is lovely! Your breakie looks lovely too! :)

  6. i and my husband always spend our coffee time. that's when we talk and laugh a lot =)