"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Friday, May 20, 2011

My suburb

This week I'm grateful for my suburb. I've heard about  52 suburbs, which is an exhibition of photographs taken very creatively of suburbs in Sydney. While I've haven't actually been yet, it got me thinking about how much I enjoy living in my suburb.

I thought I'd take the camera when I took the dog for a walk and take a few snaps of some interesting things on the way.

I don't usually take photos like these, so I was grateful for the inspiration. I'll try it again once I've been to see the exhibition.

I'm joining in being grateful with Maxabella.


  1. Howdy Leanne! I love your neighbourhood. I'm getting a very strong multicultural vibe (the key, really, to any great neighbourhood). A doggy vibe, but maybe that's 'cos you're with your dog on the dog route? And a great walk. All you need! x

  2. nice one...:):) nice pics too..I think such small things add a lot of sweetness into our lives:)
    visiting from Maxabella loves:)

  3. Nice I like it. Might have to give that one a go. I'm doing project life, so love all that kind of inspiration.

  4. Lovely idea! Your suburb looks colourful and bustling on a fresh, sunny morning.
    I've got a similar thing on my to-do list for my little town because I moved here late last year and it's quite different to anywhere else I've lived. And the light, especially in the afternoons, is just mesmerising.

  5. Great photos. Love that last one in particular, rather whimsical in its own meandering way.

  6. Sounds like a good exhibition. It is a great feeling to love where you live.

  7. Looks like you live in a very exciting neighbourhood..it's all happening there! Lovely to have that fruit shop so close.

  8. Hello, I'd love to see that exhibisition too, the book sounds great. Enjoyed the glimpse into your life and suburbs.