"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The zoo

Last weekend I took James to the zoo, and because he is a busy boy I didn't take the camera.
 I was very grateful to have my iphone. 
I was admiring the sun shining through the giraffe fence & the giraffe was posing so nicely....
and the baby elephant was standing quite close...
James was very excited, this is how he signs patting sheep, we were on our way to the farmyard...
And this photo was an accident but I quite like the shapes & colours...
Being grateful with Maxabella.


  1. they're all special, but I'm really loving that last one. I want it.

  2. Oh how beautiful, I love sunny pictures. And signing! :o)

  3. lovely photos. (busy at work so haven't had much time for blogging)

  4. seems like fun - don't forget the camera next time :) enjoy your day

  5. The photo of the giraffe is gorgeous! They are such mesmerising creatures. Looks like you had a great day.
    I was thrilled once at a wildlife park while trying to take pics of Tassie devils - they were babies and kept giving big wide yawns, but with their already monstrous teeth they actually looked really ferocious!

  6. Great photo's. Look forward to visiting again.

  7. It is amazing the photos you can capture with your phone. I really like the blends of colour in the last one. The zoo is such an amazing place. The Girraffe's were our fave part too :)

  8. A day out at the zoo is always something to be grateful for. Some of my happiest times with my children have been there. x