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Friday, August 12, 2011

Parcels & pyjamas

I came home one day this week and was very excited to find this parcel on the doorstep.
 A week ago I received an email announcing a sale of my favourite brand of pyjamas.
So I ordered some.

 I love pyjamas and I particularly love these spotty blue, extremely comfortable pyjama pants.
So, I'm very grateful this week for a special delivery of pyjamas.
(As a matter of fact, I'm wearing them now!)

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  1. I love getting parcels! How nice to get something that you love in the mail!

  2. I too love parcels.... sometimes for a moment I forget I have bought something and it's like someone is bringing you a present...(or is that just me!)....

  3. Sounds totally divine! Who doesn't love comfy PJ's and receiving a parcel always makes the day!

  4. very nice! Love a new pair of comfy pyjamas! x

  5. Just popping over from Maxabella's linky :)

    Gorgeous PJ's - they look very comfy!

    I'm another fan of receiving parcels and I've got a dreadful memory - so by the time my parcels arrive, I've always forgotten what it is I've bought, so it's a little like Christmas!

  6. heya...dropping by from Maxabella's linky..wow..ur Pj...feel as cozy as a stuff toy..keep having fun and enjoying lil sweet moments of life:)
    Aakriti ( Yarn of ~ Words)

  7. well I'll be. those do look comfy. and I love that you photographed yourself wearing them. oh joy, the small things!

  8. ohh nothing like a comfy pair of PJs!

  9. I love fresh, comfy, flannel pjs. These dotty ones look so cute.

    Internet shopping is too fab for words. You get the 'thrill' of the purchase twice! x

  10. Love the pjs! Nice to meet you via the Rewind!