"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Process of Elimination

Seeing these scooters made me think of Kat. So,  I thought that I would link in with the latest in her 
She talks about eliminating things from an image that take away from the main subject of the photo. 

Here's my example:
This is the first photo I took. 
I love the textures of the fences behind but it looks too messy.

I moved myself and the camera a little to change the framing...

And here I get the chance to show off my lack of editing skills!

I cropped to get rid of the poles to the left.
 I would have liked to get rid of the middle pole but I don't know how!
Instead I played around with the colour to make it less obvious. 
Definitely a better photo than the first. 
I just need to learn some things about editing.


  1. I love these shots. The contrast of the old background and the new sparkly bikes is what strikes me most.

  2. I loved seeing the changes you made, I'm not great at editing but I do love to crop.

  3. Love the retro vibe and the lines in the background. Great edit on this!

  4. Leanne,

    Great example of good cropping and post-processing that adds to the image. I love the color tint of the final photo - the way it adds a toning that pulls the whole photo together. The complementary red-green color scheme is very appealing.

  5. Ah, scooters linked in to Exploring with a Camera. Be still my heart! Thank you so much for sharing these. :) Not only do I love the scooters, but you did a great job on the process of elimination. Sometimes you just can't eliminate things easily, the angle doesn't exist or our processing skills need some development, but you did a great job with your framing and subsequent edits to get the focus on the scooters and texture instead of the random things behind them. Love it!

  6. I really like your processing here, and what you did with the photo. these skills are not easy to come by, and you've done an excellent job, in my opinion. when you learn how to remove a pole, clue me in! happy day to you Leanne.

  7. love these shots, I do love scooters! in answer to your question about what I am reading at the moment, I haven't actually got anything to read which is a bit silly! I think I will re read some old favourites, what about you?

  8. If you hadn't mentioned the pole I would not have seen it. You did a terrific job...I am like you, learning as I go...so much easier that way.

  9. I really like your final image. The processing is very cool.

  10. Love the final image, great shot and edit.

  11. Oh perfect! Such simple, yet excellent, steps to bring attention to ones main subject! Cloning out that pole would have been hard, but the tones did help alot! Great job!

  12. Love the end result Leanne.
    Even the light has seemed to change hue, and it is wonderful.
    If you are using PS5, look up "Content Aware." It will make that middle pole disappear in a flash!! :-)

  13. I like the end result, and I don't mind the pole in the middle.

  14. You did an amazing job with that. Nicely done.
    I am not an expert but I learned that on CS5 you can use the lasso tool to get rid of stuff.

  15. Great job of cropping - you improved the shot immensely!