"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Scavenger hunt

 Here is this week's set for Scavenger hunt Sunday!

The colour wheel: Complementary/triadic colours....
Triadic- using secondary colours: purple, orange & green. 
Black & white...
I've been taking photos of flowers lately, but don't usually convert them to B&W because I love them in  colour.
 I thought I'd use these 2 photos for today's black & white prompt.  

Feels like I'm always wondering what we'll have for dinner- spaghetti & something tomato-y is always a good option.
 Blank space......
Nick made this heart for me about 7 years ago (he's now 16). It is on our kitchen wall. I thought I would use it in the corner to add a bit of colour to my blank space.


  1. Hi Leanne, thanks for stopping by! I love your color photo and blank space. Nice work with bokeh shots, they are awesome!

  2. Love your food and blank space! What a sweet gift to still treasure!

  3. wow... what stunning shots youve lined up this week!

  4. Beautiful work. I love your second b&w image. The perspective on food is great. Have a great week

  5. The color in your food picture is mouth watering.

    Great set!

    I enjoyed your photos, and I can't wait to see more. I'm now following along.


  6. Those are all lovely - I especially like your geranium and lavender at those steps and your rose ones.........sigh........ are just gorgeous.

  7. Oh I REALLY like those b/w photos. I never think to convert flowers to b/w because of the lovely colors. But it really makes you hone in more on the shapes and design of the flowers. Very nice.


  8. anne,
    Wonderful shots, all! The greens of your landscape, centered by the lovely bridge. The amazing light on the spaghetti. The great use of negative space and composition with the heart shot.

  9. These are great Leanne!
    I love the "color wheel" image.

  10. LOVE that food shot - I absolutely must take a spaghetti shot!

  11. Love your takes on the Scavenger Hunt!! I love the light on your food shot! The landscape shot is so peaceful looking!

  12. I like your photos very much !!!!Greetings from Finland :)
    Your B&W is so beautiful, blank space is so airy !!!! food has lovely colours, and 2first pics are classic photos !