"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

scavenger hunt

On Wednesday I caught a ferry to the city with a friend and went to the Museum of Sydney.
There, we met up with a group for a tour of some Sydney architecture.
So nice to be out & about in my city.

As we wandered we found out some really interesting things about early settlement in Sydney & modern buildings.
 I took photographs & some fit with this weeks scavenger hunt prompts.
Here they are.
 Macro/close up:
A close up of an art installation that is currently outside the Museum of Sydney.
This is the wider shot!
Found texture:
Sandstone walls at the Museum of Sydney.
A broader definition of home; Sydney.
I was born here & I've lived here all my life. Sydney is home!
So lovely to have been out on the harbour this week.
an interesting covered walkway in the city.
A tree stands amongst traffic lights and signs.


  1. i was in sydney in 2000, and would love to go back again. a week was far too short to spend in the beautiful city.

  2. the Sandstone walls at the Museum is awesome!

  3. Love the walkway - nice perspective!
    I really like the texture shot - nicely captured!
    Carletta@Round The Bend

  4. Great set Leanne, love your texture, beautiful DOF, and home shot, love the line of birds you captured.

  5. I love your found texture and cover, great finds!

  6. Leanne,
    Your Sydney walk was a treasure trove of images. I really like the unusual POV of the Opera House - you have used negative space so effectively in this shot - with the final touch of the line of birds in the sky as an added bonus.

  7. Your "home" shot is wonderful...I really like how that line of birds is flying in a line in your negative space. A wonderful composition.


  8. ooh, I love your scavenger hunts. I'm thinking the words wouldn't be so difficult to put a hunt together for this week. hmmm. at any rate, my fave is Cover. great shots all. happy day to you Leanne.

  9. Love your close up and the far away pic of it. And I totally agree, the cover shot is very cool!!

  10. What an interesting wave of branches! Beautiful cover find as well, and love al of the green trees, great finds!

  11. What an awesome set - I really love your macro and cover!

  12. Your cover shot is very interesting. I love your interpretation of home.

  13. These shots are great and I love seeing a different city than I. Your macro is fantastic!

  14. I enjoyed your pictures, would love to see Sydney but I am pretty sure my fear of flying will keep that from every happening so I will have to enjoy it through your eyes!

  15. Wonderful photographs for the prompts Leanne!
    I especially like "Cover."
    What an interesting walkway!
    Have a wonderful start to your week.

  16. Love the picture of Sydney Harbor! I would love to visit your neck of the woods!

    Great macro and cover shots too!

  17. Love your Home and Cover. I enjoy visiting Australia. It is such a beautiful country.

  18. I love being out and about Sydney with you!! What a beautiful city you live in!! Beautiful images for the prompts!!

  19. The macro photo is stunning.