"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

to be creative....

Getting out & taking photos is quite therapeutic.
I really enjoyed spending an hour at Fagan Park with my 3 kids last week.
 Not only are there large areas of gardens & a lake but there is a homestead that has been converted into a museum.

I felt like I had my creative outlet for the week....
I really enjoyed taking some photos.

The children have gone back to school this week after a 2 week break.
While there are a lot of things that I love about a break in the routine, I do find that by the end I'm really quite tired.
James has an intellectual disability and is quite demanding but he really loved the open spaces here & I managed to take some photos. Yay! 
My other boys were also very patient :)
Feels good to make time to be creative.


  1. I truly believe that making this time for ourselves is an absolute necessity. These photographs are wonderful Leanne, and it sounds like it was a great day for all. I especially love the wagon wheel. So nicely photographed!

    Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  2. These are beautiful!Looks like you had a wonderful day. Love the lines in your images and beautiful tones... My favorites are the wheel and the last image.

  3. I agree....taking photos is quite theraputic!
    And you've taken some wonderful shots!

  4. these are lovely photos Leanne. i love the processing and what a peaceful looking spot. great place for boys to move about.

  5. Leanne,
    Such lovely golden tones in all the images. Love the composition of the wheel image. My favorite is the third one - with that sweeping scrollwork and the lines of light in the background.

    Creative time - so important!

  6. these are great! love the wheel!

  7. simply stunning. i'm with you: quality time behind a lens is good for the soul.

  8. LOVE that you got some time to be creative - breaks can be tough. Sometimes they give you all of this wide open space to do whatever in, but usually I find that the kids are more demanding than usual and you get absolutely nothing done. It does the spirit good to get some really nice creative photography. LOVE that last one especially.

  9. Love your photos, the tones and textures are beautiful. I find it makes such a difference if I have some time to be creative - not always easy to fit in but soul food when you do! :)

  10. Lovely photos! Time with a camera is a great stress-reliever!

  11. I thought the fence post, with its unique perspective, was going to be my favorite of this series, but I actually gasped when I scrolled and saw the final shot. I love the simplicity. it's so gorgeous. the tones in your photos are unbelievable, and I'm loving the use of sepia. nice job Leanne. I'm happy you found creative time, just look at what you created! happy day to you.

  12. These are wonderful!! Looks like a great weekend! I love the sepia tones!!

  13. Your last photo is so peaceful. I just feel like sitting on that bench to enjoy the calm :)