"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A tourist in my own city

I was very grateful to spend a few hours in Sydney on Wednesday doing an Architecture walk.
The architect who led the walk was very interesting & engaging.

We began at the Museum of Sydney which is the site of the first governor's house,
then we walked around the block to check out some ideas about architecture.

If you're interested you can find out more about what we did  here.
Renzo Piano was the architect of this building above.
He used simple ideas & simple materials (glass, terracotta, cement) to create something amazing.
There are also all sorts of connections with this building & the architecture of the Opera House.
Heavy/light, spinnakers/mainsail....
 If my brain was good at remembering details I'd tell you more.

 So great to be a tourist in my own city-however it wasn't 'touristy' at all.
More like a "carefully crafted urban narrative lurking beneath a guise of informality."
 ( a quote from the brochure)

It really was very good! Must plan to do stuff like that more often.

And no better way to return to the suburbs that to catch a ferry home.
Being grateful with Maxabella loves....


  1. What a great tour. And your photos are fabulous!
    I've started a My Tasmanian Backyard series on my blog and enjoying being a tourist in my own area. It makes you look at your little patch of the world in a whole new light! x

  2. Sounds really interesting, I should do that one day. And ferries are regular on our schedule, every Sunday with the Family Funday tickets!

  3. The brochure really said that!? You sure it was good? Ha!

    I need to do of this sorr of stuff. I have a tendency to diss this fair city of ours when I should just be doing more exploring. x

  4. What a terrific way to spend an afternoon and I love that you were able to put the icing on the cake with a ferry ride home.

    How terrific is the name Enzo Piano by the way?

    Great post and love your images.

    Happy weekend,
    Felicity x

  5. Thanks for sharing these - i miss sydney some days especially that ferry shot - always good to play tourist at home...

  6. Leanne,
    Being a tourist in your own city - what a great way to "see" the familiar in a new way. The skyline imager of the city, with that gorgeous emerald building in the center, framed by the wake of the ferry - love that shot. And the "looking up" shots - the terra-cotta color is simply fabulous and so unusual for an urban building.

  7. Nothing like making time to explore and enjoy your own 'backyard'.

  8. Beautiful images of your city!! I love the last one with the bridge and the wake framing the theatre!! I love traveling through other's photos!!

  9. Lovely photos - awesome view of the Opera House. I should do something like this too, what a great idea.

  10. you've "splashed" me with delight. I love your watery shots - the colors of the water are pure and clean. Sydney is a fascinating city with an interesting skyline. I recall on New Year's eve in 1999, a newscaster here in the states was on-air for 24 hours, recording the new millennium's arrival in various spots around the globe. Sydney was his first stop, and it was a sight to behold, with all the fireworks and celebrations. it'll always have a spot in my heart because of that (and other reasons too!) happy weekend to you Leanne.

  11. What great shots!!!!
    Well done!

  12. I'm a believer of this, you know, there is nothing worse than travelling the world but not even seeing what is outside your own front door. looks like you had fun.

  13. Sometimes we just need to remember to look up. Great shots Leanne.

  14. I am with Maxabella , I need to do a bit of city more often xx

  15. beautiful. love being a tourist in my own city, should really do it more often. x