"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fresh fruit & veg

I used to shop regularly at the markets for fresh fruit & veg.
 I hadn't been for a while, but realised that I  need to put aside some time occasionally to buy in bulk for my hungry family.
I thought I would take the camera to capture some of the colours & the energy of the fruit market.

 It was very busy.
This kind man had noticed that I was taking photos, so he arranged his mango boxes nicely for me.
 (I also bought a box of these)

 Love this purple..

 I wouldn't normally take the camera somewhere like this, but I'm finding the more I do,
 the more comfortable I feel about taking photos in public spaces.
(although I was approached by security after I'd done my shopping & taken these photos.
 I was told that I should have checked in at the office first. Who knew?)


  1. The amrket is a great place to take pictures, as you have shown here! I love the peppers - so colorful!

  2. Gorgeous shots. At least security let you keep your camera. I would have never thought you might have to check in at a farmers market!

  3. Leanne,
    What textures and vibrant colors! The second shot is my favorite - although picking one was a difficult choice - I just love that stack of onions(?).

  4. Oh!!!!!!! So so colorful!! Are you in Sydney??I just love all the colors/textures/sights of an open air market. Yeah...you have to be careful these days...and I always try to remember to ask when taking pics in public spaces. The last time I was at the airport... security came up to me too!!-Soraya

  5. What a wonderful place to be, and your photographs of it are beautiful. Love those eggplant. Such a gorgeous color!

    Thank you so much for sharing today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  6. I love the eggplant, too -- that purple just pops!

  7. Fantastic images! I do believe I can smell all those wonderful fruits and veggies!! My favorites would be the peppers and the eggplants; such gorgeous colors!!

  8. what a bountiful market, and beautiful photos. I don't understand the reasoning behind having to ask before taking photos in a public place. security? everything is recorded on security cameras these days. glad you weren't arrested! happy day to you Leanne.

  9. to market to market to buy a fat pig, or some wonderful fruit andd veg. Bravo for not checking with security (they may have said no) and for fantastic pics