"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

scavenger hunt

I went to the zoo with James yesterday. It had been raining all morning but the sun came out beautifully when we were there.
This is a photo of puddles in the car park- I really liked the reflection.
Because it had been so wet there weren't many people there... which meant no waiting to get in & no waiting for the sky safari!
beautiful green foliage surrounding a gardenia in our garden.
We went to our first Christmas function for the year at Nick's school this week.
Nick (on bass guitar) & his friends played "Chameleon" by Herbie Hancock.
 Not a Christmas carol but they played really well!
And the decorations were Christmassy.

I think that this photo qualifies as candid-
 I love the way that they're looking at each other & enjoying playing together.
Knife, fork or spoon..
All three! Camping utensils joined together with a ring.
rule of thirds..
This blurry image looking out over bush & lights- the horizon 1/3 of the way from the top.


  1. Very cool bokehs on that knife, spoon, fork capture. Very lovely!


  2. Lovely bokehs! And I suppose going to the ZOO on a rainy day is the way forward...

  3. A sky safari? That sounds awesome! I love the water drops on your flower and the bokeh on your silverware is terrific! Lovely set!

  4. these are all so good! I love the reflection in the first one too, great capture. And I love the look of the wood underneath the silverware. Gives the shot such depth and richness.

  5. Love your foliage shot. And your interpretation for waiting is great. Love the reflection in the puddles.

  6. Your waiting shot is so unique...love the reflection that you caught.

  7. Lovely shots. Love your waiting intepretation and your knife, fork and spoon.

  8. Love the bokeh you captured in your knife, fork or spoon shot!

  9. Great shots! The candid is my favoite!

  10. Leanne - wonderful hunting this week. I like the simple minimalism of the bokeh shot. And the unique POV of the utensils shot - with its own lovely bokeh. I like the saturated colors of "Waiting". You have captured a wonderful moment in the candid. And the luscious green surrounding that single white bloom - simply beautiful.

  11. Great set, love the reflections and rule of thirds, gorgeous! Great bokeh in the cutlery!

  12. oh my favorite is Waiting - that's a very cool shot! and rule of thirds too. I always love your scavenger hunts Leanne. happy week to you.

  13. Your shots are all amazing.. Every one of them..

  14. Love your gardenia photo! There are so many out in flower now, they small wonderful.

  15. Beautiful intrepretation of the prompts! I love your gardenia shot with the rain drops!

  16. I am really loving your take on silverware ;D What great perspective and the bokeh..... LOVELY! Same with your rule of thirds ;D