"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Zoom lights

I was reading this blog post at the Kat Eye Studio and thought I'd give some creative lighting shots a go.
I liked the idea of changing the focal length during the shot with a slow shutter speed.
It was fun!
I love the effect.
I was holding the camera rather than using a tripod so there are a lot of wiggles.
These 2 photos are outside our house.
I wanted to see what it looked like with coloured lights, so I wandered up the street.

 I rested the camera on a brick wall outside someone's house for the photo below. 
It was still wiggly though.
Very cool!


  1. Agree...very cool!!

  2. They look awesome Leanne. Very cool.

  3. Wow, love these! This looks like fun! Love the last one in particular. :)

  4. Yes, very cool indeed! I love that the lines are dotted. These look like holiday fireflies! Great experiment.

  5. I love this - can't wait to try some of this myself!

  6. How fun! I especially love that second one, the wiggles really add to the image. I'm so glad you tried this out Leanne! Thanks for sharing it in Exploring with a Camera.

  7. wow, these are so great. i have to try this!

  8. wow, that's fascinating. I'm going to check out Kat's site to get the lowdown. you did an excellent job Leanne. my fave is the second shot - it looks like light rays are emanating right out the front door! good job. happy day to you.

  9. Isn't is amazing to see lights in such a differet way than we are used to looking at them?