"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memories, dreams & reflections 2011

I thought it was a great idea to look back at my year so I'm joining in with Ashley at Ramblings & Photos to reflect on 2011. 

There is a list of 25 things to share, so I've searched through my photos from the last 12 months and have found some shots that fit....
so this is what my 2011 looked like!
Number 1- me!
I started this blog in February 2011. 
 It has been a lot of fun. And I've managed to take photos regularly and post them here.
 I have been so inspired by beautiful photos on many blogs, fun prompts to join in on and encouraging comments from all of you.

Number 2- I love you, Number 16- Let's do it again.
David & I had a few days away in Kangaroo Valley in May. It was so nice to have some time together, out of routine.
 I'd love to do it again. 

Number 3- still laughing
I was doing some baking & left the flour on the bench in the kitchen. James, who loves to explore, discovered it & tipped it all over himself & the floor. I came downstairs (I had only popped upstairs for a moment) and found this! James thought it was hilarious so I took a photo & laughed too.

Number 5- birthday
Charlie & Nick took a friend each to Luna Park for Charlie's 11th birthday in January.

Number 6-friends
We've been connected with these families for more than 15 years. I get together with the mums once a month(or so) to pray for each other's children. So nice to see our children  growing up, knowing they are being prayed for.

Number 7- I was inspired..
I was inspired by many things & people in 2011 but I've chosen the beach as my inspiration photo.
 as I look through my archive of photos I've found that the beach is a common subject in my photography.
I'm often on holidays & relaxed when I'm at the beach.
 I love the sunshine & sparkle on the water, the blues of the ocean & the sky.
Always good times at the beach.
I really enjoy taking photos here.

Number 11-A day in the life
Coffee-something I do every day!

Number 12- All smiles
This photo always makes me smile, I love the look on Poppy's face as she looks over Charlie's shoulder.

Numbers 4,8,10,13- the seasons.

Number 14- family or home
A backyard BBQ with family, one of my favourite things.

Number 15-Celebrate!

Number17- I miss you
This locket that I'm wearing belonged to my mum. She died just before James was born which means that she only met 1 of our 3 children. I would have loved them to know her & would love for her to see the people that they are becoming.
I miss her.

Number 18- Beautiful
I think roses are beautiful. We have lots of them in our front yard & I'm very grateful  to the people who lived in our house before us who planted them.  They always look stunning.

Number 19- dress up
Charlie & his library teacher at this year's book week parade.

Number 20 -Macro or close up

Number 9- travel or vacation,  Number 21- holidays
In March we did a theme park holiday-It was really fun!

Number 22- my favourite
Too hard to pick an absolute favourite, but I did love this one. 
I also loved taking it because I went to the zoo without any children and was able to wait & watch while the zebra moved into position.

Number 23- don't ever change
I'm generally relaxed & calm about most things. I hope that doesn't change.

Number 24- just because...so there.
She's so cute!

Number 25- hopes & dreams
Many hopes & dreams for 2012.
It's a big year for our children:  Charlie moving into his first year of high school, James continuing on, learning life skills & independence & Nick completing his final year at high school.
I'm so proud of them.
My hopes, dreams & prayers for them for 2012 are that they will:
have fun, be resilient, make good choices, try hard, be good friends to others & know that they are loved.

So glad to have reflected on my year.
Happy New Year to everyone!


  1. Your boys are such a fun bunch! SO glad you decided to blog this year. Happy 2012!

  2. What a great idea.
    I love the photos of Poppy! And of the seasons and the zebra.
    And your house looks like something from a magazine in the BBQ photo - stunning.

    Best wishes for 2012

  3. I loved seeing your series. Very clever presentation of the seasons. Loved birthday, all smiles, that zebra shot-wow, and that low POV on your macro shot. HNY.

  4. Poppy kind of stole my heart here, but I also appreciate the photo of the beach with its rich colors...no wonder it inspires you. Great series of photos!

  5. It looks like you had a great year - I hope 2012 is even better for you!

  6. Love the photograph of the boys on the roller coaster. Looks like you've had a great year.. here's to an even better one.

  7. What a great set love the pic of your dog.

  8. Fabulous set, love them all but the shot of Poppy looking over Charlie's shoulder really made me smile. Your boys are gorgeous and I love the locket shot for 'I miss you'. Happy new year, here's to a great one. :)

  9. Love these! Such a great bunch! Hope you have a wonderful new year!

  10. What a beautiful presentation of your year.. and wonderful memories to always cherish.. Hope that this New Year will bring in all that you wish for..

  11. Oh my that shot of Poppy looking over your son's shoulder is so funny. Like "Come on drop just 1". That is what our lab would be thinking anyway :) Happy New Year!

  12. I always enjoy looking through your series of photos. There are so many wonderful ones - it's hard to choose a fave. I love the zebra, and smiles, and just because. you have a lovely family and home, and I'm wishing you all the best in this brand new year.

  13. I just LOVE the zebra shot! How beautiful! I like the just because shot too - your dog looks so peaceful haha!

  14. I agree the zebra shot is fantastic, I did enjoy all of them.


  15. Great collections Leanne, love your Autumn and winter shots, the flags are beautiful, the macro, and the zebra is so cool! You have a lovely family and friends! Happy New Year!