"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back to school happy

There is much to love about school holidays.
Six weeks of them.
 James has been eagerly anticipating a return to school & routine.

He has been holding & touching & handing me the school picture every day in this last week before school returns.

So finally Monday arrives.
His bag is packed....
 Shoes are on...
 Ready to go!

A very happy boy.

Joining in with faith hope & a whole lot of love photographing happy.
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  1. I bet you're happy too! Six weeks is a long time.

  2. what a gorgeous happy face!! i have loved the past six weeks & am going to miss my girls being with me all day. Thanks for joining in xx

  3. How delightful to see his excitement for school to begin again. You have definitely captured "HAPPY"!

  4. Glad he is excited to be going back - that last shot really captures his happiness. Lovely. I'm visiting from the 'snap it' linkup.

  5. awww... he looks happy indeed!

    i can't wait until my son's first day of school. i am sure i will cry, because i will miss him. but it will be so nice to have some free time, too! =)

  6. Breaks are wonderful but I am a firm believer that routines are necessary (not strictly) ... :-D
    He looks happy to be going back school ..... great shots btw!

  7. It seems like such a thoughtful thing to do, reflecting on that picture. What an amazing boy. x

  8. awww... school is fun!

    great photos!


    hope to see you :)

  9. Your photographs are beautiful Leanne, as is your lovely school boy :o)
    Happy to have found your blog via Faith Hope & a whole lotta love.

  10. Fantastic set of images. How lovely to have a son who loves school! Love the three hands shots at the start.

  11. I remember itching to go back to school as a kid. What a great boy you have!! Beautiful smile.

  12. Leanne, this is a great storytelling set. And one with a happy ending, too!