"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Drawing week

Last week I went with a friend to Cockatoo Island to see an art exhibition called Drawing Lines in the Sand.
The exhibition was quite small so we had plenty of time just to wander around the island.
One thing I loved was seeing dozens of people, sitting in various locations sketching.

After chatting with one of the artists, we discovered it was drawing week at one of the art colleges in Sydney.
I thought it looked so lovely to sit in this beautiful place and create art. 
I would have loved to join them, but it's not really my thing...
 so I took photos.

I loved how they were all so engrossed in what they were doing.


  1. I've always admired people who could draw. I can only be creative with my camera. Great shots.

  2. Cockatoo Island seems to have a lot on these days. Such a great place to visit.
    Great photos too - I especially like the last one.

  3. beautifully captured event! the first photo is fantastic!

  4. Oh, this reminds me so much of Drawing Day, an annual international event. I discovered art: drawing, painting, music, theater, etc. at pre-school age.

    And you took the candid shots of artists so well!

  5. what a fun capture of this event. So jealous of these people who have artistic talent. Very nice photos!

  6. Drawing is definitely not my "thing" either, although I sure wish it were. It looks so relaxing. This must have been a great experience, and so much fun to photograph!

    Thank you so very much, Leanne for sharing with us today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great day!


    1. Awesome perspectives of these artists creating. :)

  7. I wish I could only sketch a little bit and do like the people in your photos. But my drawing and sketching techniques are not that good (at all) so I will stick with photography :-). Thanks for sharing!

  8. How beautiful. That first shot is amazing.

  9. I love these shots of the artists at work!

  10. What a fantastic place for "drawing week". I would love to have the talent to draw or paint. You have certainly captured artistic concentration. It all comes full circle - you make art of them making art. :)

  11. how fun to capture these artists' moments!

  12. Creative exchange for real!
    Love the pics!

  13. What a fabulous experience. I would love to get to walk around and see budding artists at work. You have captured the essence of the moment beautifully. genie

  14. The first shot is fabulous! I also like how you have captured different artists engrossed in their work. Seems like you had a lovely day :)

  15. Beautiful experience.
    I like your first and last photo very much.

    Regards and best wishes