"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

scavenger hunt

dirty dishes are too frequently part of my routine.

This is where the guitars live, always ready & waiting to be played.

Technology & art -this is a video installation in an art exhibition I went to recently.
It's called "Surface Tension" by Julia Davis & it follows a journey into a 17th Century salt mine. 
There's also a pool of water that shows the refection of the video.
It was dark, so the photo is quite grainy-but I like it.

Show me your style...
When I first became interested in photography I took alot of photos of the roses in my front garden.
I still love roses, but don't take quite as many photos of them. 
I guess roses are part of my style - (see this blog header & my blogger profile pic.)
I took this one the other day.

I love the pattern of a spider's web.
I thought maybe this could be a mismatch because some of the  webs are sticking together & don't match?


  1. Beautiful style and mismatch shots . . . dishes are my routine too.

  2. Love love love that music picture...amazing!

  3. oh lady - I am so sick of doing dishes - do they ever end?

  4. Beautiful roses! Love your mismatch.

  5. Great shots...Mismatch is my fave!

  6. Love your mismatch! And the lighting in your music picture is gorgeous!!

  7. Such a beautifully captured set - I thought I had a favorite but as I scrolled, I love them all.

  8. Love...love...love your mismatched shot! Awesome picture...love the water droplets!

  9. Love your interpretations Leanne. They are all very thoughtful and not immediately what you would expect to see, but I like that. I like the 'routine' one a lot for it's simplicity, 'show me your style' is absolutely stunning. (I don't think I have ever seen such a rose). And I'm a little bit jealous of your 'mismatch' find, what a great photo!

  10. Beautiful rose. My blog before we moved was called Rose Cottage. I love roses.

  11. All wonderful interpretations ..... but really ♥ your "mismatch"
    Nicely done! :-D

  12. Leanne - lovely interpretations of this week's prompts. The spider web looks as if you have captured diamonds which then transition into beautiful bokeh. I like the abstract nature of your technology shot with the image repeated top and bottom and that dark swath in the middle separating them. And I can certainly understand your attraction to roses in all their incarnations.

  13. Great set!! Your routine made me smile...never ending dishes!! I love the spider web and water drops!! Gorgeous macro!!

  14. Nice finds. I especially like the last two shots. I'm partial to rose pictures as well.

  15. Lovely set. The dirty dishes made me smile - kind of sounds like my house! Love the technology shot and the spiders web with its gorgeous water droplets.

  16. Great set, love your "mismatch", the flower is beautiful and "technology" is really interesting!