"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

scavenger hunt

My clever sister -in- law Sarah makes beautiful art using vintage playing cards.
(these ones are from a 1935 card game called Crossword.)
 She also makes other beautiful things using vintage 'finds' that you can check out here.

Word or quote...

Nature's own....

2 people & a pooch.

Photographer's choice...
On Monday afternoon/night there was a military training operation happening near us.
Every 20 minutes or so Black Hawk helicopters would fly directly over our house.
Really low & really loud.


  1. Woof!
    That could be ME with the Men!
    Oh for a change I am with Men!!

  2. Great set Leanne, I love "quote" it's wonderful! Gorgeous caterpillar, love the tones!

  3. Love the vintage, words and natures own! Great set!

  4. What a great view of the helicopter! Love the vintage as well!

  5. Your 2 people and a pooch is my favorite, but all of these are excellent images!

  6. Especially like the shot you got of the helicopter. Wouldn't like having the constant photo opportunity you're having though!

  7. I think the angle on that black hawk is really cool. I've yet to have success with anything flying other than an occasional seagull. 2 peeps and a pooch. That's sweet.

  8. Nice collection. Really like your nature's choice and the great perspective of the helicopter!

  9. Love nature's own - how cool is that?!

  10. Love the perspective and angle you got on that chopper!

  11. Wonderful images for the prompts Leanne!
    I especially love "People."
    Sending you wishes for a wonderful beginning to your week!

  12. Love your set this week! Wonderful caterpillar shot. I love the way it matches the leaf!

  13. Fab photos Leanne. My parents also said they had the blackhawks fly over their area, apparently until very late at night. Exciting, but probably a little annoying after a while! xo

  14. Great set, Leanne! I love your shot composition in Nature's Own... and great one on People, too. :)

  15. Love the helicopter capture, silhouetted against the blue sky and cloud wisps. Could be a poster for the next Transformer movie or something like it. :) Love the smile on your son's face - so open and happy!