"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

scavenger hunt

I took a whole lot of photos earlier this week when I spent some time in the city.
I was determined to use these for this week's scavenger hunt. 

 I've done it back to front this week- taken the photos first , then tried to fit them into the prompts.....
so there are some that may be a bit questionable :)

Window washers washing the windows of the Opera House, so that they'll look shiny & new.

So nice to have a city getaway and spend some time just hanging out.
This year David & I have been married for half of my life.

smells of the city??
( I really did smell coffee as I was walking along here- just a bit further along..)


Even though it's foggy, I think it's obvious which city I'm in!


  1. Great set of shots. Love the window washers - scary job.

  2. i have wonderful memories of that city!

  3. That first shot is great, but the one on the right for obvious, my fave. Sweet to have thought you'd been with your love 1/2 your life.

  4. Leanne - I loved that you took things backwards - fitting your photos to the prompts - hey, whatever works and you get to show off Sydney at the same time. Love those last foggy shots of the city - adds a real layer of mystery and I love the perspective you chose for such an iconic building. And congrats spending 1/2 your life with your hubby!

  5. Love your shots! The boat is beautiful!

  6. my hubs was peering my shoulder & loved window washers! I had forgotten where you lived so we both explored your blog so we could love at your pics. nice set of photos.

  7. Terrific shots for the prompts. None of them was obvious except the one you meant to be obvious. Well done!

  8. Great set and so much fun to seeing the sights of the city. Wish I could visit someday in person.
    Loved the Window Washer Shot.

  9. Love the perspective on pink...and obvious.

  10. Oh, I love your city-scapes! Makes me want to visit Sydney!

  11. I love your views of Sydney! A lovely photo of you and your husband! Congrats on being married half your life! I've found that I barely remember life without my husband in it!!

  12. I especially like your take on "Life." Congratulations to you both for that one! Love the window washers image, too.