"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Friday, April 20, 2012

a sense of place

In Kat Sloma's course, a sense of place,  we are looking at defining place.
What are the aspects that distinguish one place from another?

I've noticed that in my own photography some of the things that I include are water, buildings & their details & bridges. 
This morning I went to the river which isn't far from where I live.. 
There's a wharf & I had expected it would be busy with business people getting ready to catch a rivercat to work, but there weren't many people around at all.

I ended up being distracted by these birds that were sitting on an unused wharf. So I took a few shots. I tried to include some context in the photo.
I also took some close up shots.
Then I turned the camera on the building near to where they were perched.
One of the birds had had enough by then and decided to fly away!

As I walked further along the river I noticed this group of shells. It looked like someone, most likely a child, had been collection shells and had been asked to leave them. 
Photographed close up & with some context.

Some artwork that also gives a sense of place..
mosaics around the base of some tall sculptures.
And in the end I did manage to find some people who were heading to catch a rivercat into the city.

I enjoyed my morning on the river.


  1. What a lovely morning you must have had there along the river. It looks very quiet and a great place to photograph, especially when all the people you expected to be there weren't.
    Your photo of the shells and a bit of the surroundings is beautiful. THanks for sharing all these great photos today Leanne! Have a nice weekend.

  2. Great exploration! My favorite is the bird launching into flight, wonderful timing.

  3. Brenda has left a new comment on your post "a sense of place":

    Leanne - well done! I really admire the way you have incorporated both the small details and the wider context of your river "place". My favorites are the shells and the sculptures. The detail shots are the things that I would have taken but together with your "wider" shots, the details take on a new resonance and meaning. I really liked seeing these side-by-side, giving me a better idea of ways to include more context in my shots.

  4. Leanne,
    I really enjoyed the image of the shells, and your thoughts that you wrote about them. Seeing them in that second shot with the grass in the distance gave me more of a sense that these had been left behind. The mosaics are beautiful, but when I see them at the base of the structures I have more of an idea of their size and what they are a part of.
    Great set of images!

  5. thank you leanne, you have inspired me with this exploration! love your photographs and seeing the difference between the compositions. love the mosaic and the statues! i have browsed through me own photos again and made a similar blog post! isn't it great to see what context (or the lack of it) adds to a photograph?

  6. Lovely set of shots. I love the bird taking off, but also the seashells close up and in context. So pretty and I can really see a child (reluctantly) leaving their precious treasures. I love your last shot too - the splash of red of the coat and their rushing along really gives the image great context.