"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Charlie & his friend Jordan had a go with some bows & arrows on the weekend.
 Jordan's mum, Jenny and I decided to have a turn as well.

I think we all did very well!
As the morning moved along we improved. 
We got  more arrows in the targets than over the top or around the side.
Jenny & I even managed to pop a balloon
(they attached a balloon to the target in the last 20 minutes for some added excitement)
The boys concentrated hard & managed to regularly hit yellow.
We were glad that the targets weren't too far away.
It was a fun morning.


  1. What a great subject to photograph. I did archery once a summer camp when I was about 12. I decided that whole draw string grazing the left arm wasn't so much fun. Sounds like you did great-and got some wonderful shots too.

  2. Great shots. Love the composition in the first shot especially. Sounds like fun.:)

  3. How very cool! Great shots, showing us the action, the context and details. Love that closeup of the arrow.

  4. Love how you captured you great day together!! This brings back childhood memories of a small bow and arrow set I had! I remember all the fun!

  5. excellent photos - my fave being the first one. love the symmetry and colors. I hear that archery is becoming more popular here in the States with the release of The Hunger Games movie. I've never tried it, but I like watching other people. happy day to you Leanne.