"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Joining in with Kat, exploring with a camera.
Looking at repeating patterns, shapes, objects, lines & colours in our photos. 
I had a look through some of the photos that I have taken recently & this is some of what I found.

Lots of repetition!!


  1. Fun examples of repetition, Leanne! You seem to be attracted to lines! I really like the posts in the field and the night shot with the lights shining between the lines of a fence. I keep finding more and more examples of repetition when I go out to photograph.

  2. I loooove the first and the last one. All are great but this two really stand out for me.

  3. I love your examples Leanne. The first one is of such an iconic place but the close-up is just delicious! The wooden posts in the tall grasses just whisks me off to a dreamy place and I love the last one!

  4. You did find a lot of wonderful repetition! I really love that last one, with the circles. Was that a store display? An art installation? And the light through the fence at night - well seen! Great examples for Exploring with a Camera this month. Thanks for joining in!

  5. Such wonderful examples Leanne, each one!
    I think my favorite is the third one.
    There is something wonderfully peaceful about it.
    Nicely done!

  6. Great examples of repetition, each one with its own unique take on the idea. Love the sun flare through the fence and those beautiful lines of light.

  7. Lovely set. I love the last one, the colours and pattern are gorgeous.

  8. Your photos are stunning! Just came through Kat Sloma blog!