"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

memories, dreams & reflections.....2012

Last year I joined in with Ashley over at ramblings & photos for memories, dreams & reflections.
Searching through photos from the year just gone & remembering, reflecting & and dreaming about the year to come.
I enjoyed it so I thought I'd join in again this year.
 I didn't quite manage a photo for each of the 25 prompts but I got close.

I participated in a self portrait project in 2012. Above is a collage of just some of the photos I took, one from each month.
 It was something that I didn't imagine that I would enjoy as much as I did.
It taught me about how I see myself, about being creative and it was really fun!

2. I love you
My lovely husband.

3.still laughing
Once a month Poppy has some liquid squirted on the back of her neck to prevent worms & fleas.
She always runs around & rolls in the dirt straight after.
Very funny to watch.

4,8,10,13. seasons

5. birthday
70th birthday celebrations for my mother in law, a beautiful lunch & one of her gifts was a box of 70 cards with lovely things written about her,  spoken by her children & grandchildren.

7. i was inspired by...
I've been to a few art exhibitions at Cockatoo Island this year. Very inspiring!

9. travel or vacation 16. Let's do it again
A sailing holiday in the Whitsunday Islands. Magic!

11.a day in my life
An iphone makes it easy to capture moments any time & place in any day in my life.
 I nearly always have it on me.

12. all smiles
A friend's little girl holding a flower, so sweet!

14. family
I had to go back to January to find a photo of all of us (except me).
 As they get older it gets harder & harder. They are either off doing their own thing or reluctant to be photographed.
 I'll take what I can get.

17. I miss you
My father passed away this year.
One of the things I miss most about him is seeing him with my children. 

18. beautiful

20. macro/close up

20. holidays 22. my favourite
One of my favourite memories of the year is of our Whitsunday sailing holiday.
The photo above is when we were anchored off Whitehaven beach, swimming between catamarans.

25. Hopes & Dreams
This photo reminds me of the beauty of the big picture. 
My hopes for 2013 are that we can always fix our eyes on that.

Happy new year xx


  1. This is a wonderful compilation Leanne. It has been so lovely to be a part of your life in2012 and I look forward to many more wonderful times together in 2013.

  2. my gosh what pretty pics....love the shot of all your boys together...the reluctant participation! lol...its a teenage thing?!
    I can only describe that last pic as awesome.
    Allison x

  3. Thank you for such a beautiful recap in the nicest way possible...via your lens. I loved thos pics and I felt sorrow at some of the words. So sad to hear of your Dad's passing. I too love getting out there taking photos. It's become my "escape from the everyday " Denyse

  4. what a wonderful set of photos Leanne! happy new year.

  5. What wonderful and precious memories you have captured. Isn't it a great thing to look back and see all that we have accomplished? I was so impressed with the creativity you brought to your selfie project - more great examples here.

  6. I love how your pictures tell a story. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing with us.
    Bella xx

  7. What a fabulous set. So sorry about your dad, I love the photo of him with your son. A great set - love how the iphone is always on hand, I find that too - I'd miss so much otherwise! Happy new year. :)

  8. great shots--love the macro water drops on the spider web!

  9. What a wonderful way to look back and remember your year, Leanne!
    Thank you for sharing it here.
    I wish you the brightest of New Years!