"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bondi beach

 I had a really nice day today at Bondi beach.
I met up with the lovely Justine Gordon & we wandered and took photos & had coffee & wandered & took more photos & had lunch. 
And there was lots of chatting.
I had only met Justine before through her blog, so it was nice to meet her in real life. 
Here are just a few of the photos that I took....

 I did take a lot more photos, Bondi is such a colourful place, full of active & interesting people. 
I'll post some more photos over the next week....


  1. I heard wonderful things about Bondi Beach... now, it´s on my Must See list!!! I adore the third photo. Those waves crashing are insane!!

  2. it was such a lovely day, so nice to wander around and chat about so many things! thank you for coming all the way to Bondi, you got some fantastic shots here.

  3. Hard to think about beach weather here in the Northern Hemisphere - so it is an extra-special treat to enjoy a day at Bondi vicariously through your images. Love that third image - with the crashing waves and the way you captured individual drops of water. And I like the "looking down" POV of the last shot. What an amazing day!

  4. These are great Leanne. I really like the one looking down with the breaking wave.

  5. How lovely to meet up and I love your shots. Gorgeous beach and I love those crashing waves.

  6. Wonderful images! It sounds like you had a most enjoyable day! I can't imagine warm weather right now!

  7. Something so very nostalgic and timeless about these scenes and images!

  8. This looks like such a wonderful place to be, Leanne.
    It sounds like you had a great day.
    Happy weekend to you!