"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

around here

I really love this time of year.
In Sydney Autumn is fairly mild, crisp mornings & evenings but often beautiful sunshine during the day.
I love the colours & the crunch of the autumn leaves.
I had a moment yesterday afternoon, so I took the dog & the camera & I set off to wander through the streets around here.

"Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower"
Albert Camus


  1. Oh, I love that quote - what a wonderful description of my favorite time of year. And how lovely that I get to experience another one through your marvelous images. It's nice to have friends in the Southern Hemisphere :)

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Brenda! Through each other's blogs we do get to experience the same season twice a year! Your images are so beautiful, filled with such gorgeous color and light!

  3. I am loving Autumn in Sydney too Leanne. It seems to be particularly beautiful this year - still lots of sunshine around, not too cold, but cold enough to snuggle up with a hot chocolate. These are great moments to capture and you have done it beautifully.

  4. What a great quote...tho' I don't see it that way myself. I struggle in fall feeling the fading and the doom of what's coming. My fave here is that yellow flower. Seems the flowers that hang on burst with color in the fall as sort of their last hurrah. You make the leaves seem inviting, but perhaps it's because I'm standing in the midst of spring.

  5. What a wonderful quote, and these photographs are just beautiful.

  6. I really like fall colors... and that´s about it because I´m a warm weather kind of girl and I´m missing spring and summer a lot. In my country, we started having cold temps like a week ago butI´ve had enough of it already. Terribly longing for the nice weather!!

  7. Great quote and love your images. Your autumn is looking MUCH nicer than our late spring - I wore a coat on the school run this morning! Gorgeous light in all of these and the leaves cascading over the fence are beautiful.

  8. Leanne, your photos are so lovely, really inspiring. Hope you're all well and staying warm and dry down there xx

  9. Just absolutely lovely fall photos.
    And a good quote to match.
    I gotta tell you that my favorite fall quote is
    "Autumn is a season followed immediately by looking forward to Spring." (Anonymous)
    Spring, summer, fall ... love 'em.
    Let's skip winter :)

  10. I love that quotation - it makes me think of fall in New England. Funny to think of you enjoying autumn as we're heading into summer here in southern California. It's cool and lovely today, but we've already had temps in the high 90's.

  11. Oh me too. Autumn is absolutely my favourite. You've captured the magic beautifully here!

    rachel xo