"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

inspiration & diptychs

Today I had a lovely day in the city, hanging out with Justine.
We met at the Museum of Sydney & had a look at the 52 suburbs around the world exhibition. 

We really were quite inspired by the way Louise Hawson creatively & artistically paired photographs to make beautiful diptychs. 

So, as we wandered around Circular quay, the Botanical gardens & Government house we looked out for diptych possibilities. 
This is what I came up with...

I do love being a tourist in my own city. 
It was great to be inspired.
In fact we were so inspired, we're hatching a plan to work on a project together.
(more details to come..)


  1. I'm so jealous, you met Justine..we have always connected thru our mutal admiration of each other's photography. Just as an aside, I'm just finishing up a 365 and have decided to do another. I'll be beginning on Sept 1. I've invited (tho' not exclusively) several people to join me, including Justine. Plan to start a Flickr group, just as a place to post/keep track of the process. If you're interested in joining in-at whatever level of commitment you'd like to do-you're more than welcome to. Just let me know.

    Meanwhile....diptychs. I have such a hard time with them. I can't seem to find two images I think should be paired. You've done great. I especially like the blue stone work with pink flowers and the purple themed one. I'll have to try these again sometime. Maybe when I'm fresh out of ideas on my 365.
    Have a great day Leanne.

  2. These are fantastic. Especially love the tree/scooter pairing and the last one. Looking forward to hearing about your collaboration, how exciting!

  3. Leanne - I am floored! This are really quite stunning - the unique combinations that you have created. My mind tends to be way too literal and I can't see these "out-of-the-box" combinations such as what you have paired together. Each one is surprising and makes you think about the connections between the images. Bravo to you! And I look forward to your collaboration!

  4. oh you have got them paired so beautifully! well done, these are great! I came home with a lot of really really bad portrait images! I need to practice a lot. Thanks again for a lovely day.

  5. Great choice of diptychs...wonderful pairing....I hopped over from Justine's blog...!!

  6. It sounds like it was a wonderful day, Leanne, and I love these photographs, especially the little red scooter!

  7. Fantastic photos Leanne, just catching up here and it's making me miss Sydney a bit! ps: are they new pix in your header too? It looks great! Hope all well xx

    1. Yes, I changed the header too, just felt like it :)