"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


:: Christmas bush spotted on my morning walk
:: shadows
:: playing around with prints. I'm wanting to make some postcards/prints of our photos on my other blog, two takes. It's a little tricky because the diptychs are not a standard size. These were printed by snapfish  & I'm waiting for some to arrive by moo. Have you got any ideas for good printing options?

Joining in with weekly stills


  1. Great pics.
    I've been wanting to try Moo.com .... a friend of mine uses them and LOVES them and the results.

    Have a great week
    diane @ aug's blog

  2. Oh I love these stills and look at our photos there!!

  3. What an amazing flaming red Christmas bush - so saturated against the blue sky.

  4. Great shots - I always love your stills :-)

  5. I love Christmas bush, every year at this time I think about planting one, then forget until the next Christmas and the cycle goes on. After seeing this photo, maybe I should do it! Your postcards are stunning Leanne! xx

  6. Beautiful Christmas bush! I love those long shadows and how they all lean around you!

  7. These are gorgeous. LOVE that blue sky and the Christmas bush. I'm a big fan of Moo as I think the quality is great but I'd love to know if you find someone else for non-standard size prints.

  8. I love these photographs Leanne, especially the first one, beautiful! xo