"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Monday, March 31, 2014

March gratefuls {part 2}

"Piglet noticed that even thought he had a very small heart, 
it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude"
-AA Milne, Winnie the Pooh

I found the 2nd half of this project a little bit more difficult. Mostly iphone shots & not one every day.
But I did collect 31 reasons to be grateful over the 31 days in March and that was my intention.
{And I'm also reminded why I don't do 365's}

**fun phone apps that do double exposures(the dianna app in this shot) **a $6 bunch of irises from the supermarket
**fallen frangipanis **beautiful Sydney autumn days that feel a bit like summer & another instant film success

**birthday celebrations **James helping to bring the washing in (a new skill!) **Poppy wanting to play-she's
rediscovered this Bob the builder ball.   **signs of autumn, beautiful colours

**morning light shining on basil leaves in the kitchen **Charlie just getting on with his homework as the afternoon
light shines in our living area **raindrops on roses **love <3

**birds of paradise in the morning light **brothers **a weekend away at a beautiful beach **ordinary, mundane pegs,
 but quite pretty in the light.

I can't believe it's April tomorrow!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

taking stock

Every now & then I think it's good to take some time to reflect on what's happening right now...I've seen this taking stock list over here and here. I've thought for a while now that it would be a fun thing to do and so today I did it!

Making : excuses, I really should be cleaning out the corner cupboard in the kitchen
Cooking : getting back into meals in the slow cooker now the weather is getting cooler
Drinking : coffee
Reading: 'Life After Life' by Kate Atkinson {loving it}
Wanting: to stay indoors {it's raining today}
Looking: at beautiful photos here
Playing: 2048 {a little bit addictive} My children can do it so I should be able to!
Deciding: on an idea for the next clique challenge -shining a light on what matters to you  {I'm thinking disability}
Wishing: to confirm dates for a getaway {our 25th wedding anniversary}
Enjoying: my beautiful family- seeing my boys growing into wonderful young men
Waiting: until it stops raining so that I can take the dog for a walk
Liking: double exposures, using the diana app {used in the photos above}
Wondering: where the time went
Loving: weekends away at the beach
Pondering: how I can be in two places at once
Considering: getting my haircut
Watching: House of Cards
Hoping: for a sunny weekend
Marvelling: at God's amazing grace
Needing: quiet time and exercise
Smelling: roses in my front garden, an autumn flurry of roses that smell divine
Wearing: exercise clothes
Following: a menu plan, I'm trying to get organised
Noticing: beautiful things around me- I'm trying to be grateful this month
Knowing: that I am loved
Thinking: about how lovely it is to spend time with friends, and how to do it more often
Feeling: a little bit tired, haven't been sleeping that well
Admiring: people who make meals for other people
Sorting: always sorting:  clothes, cupboards, photos
Buying: groceries.  I seem to be at the shops an awful lot-3 teenage boys!
Getting: organised for Charlie's trip to China {with the school band} Still have a few things to do
Disliking: being woken at night by our dog!
Opening: mail, mostly bills or statements- boring really
Giggling: I think I should be giggling more! Couldn't think of what to write here :)
Snacking: green seedless grapes, yum
Helping: the children that  I work with, I hope
Hearing: rain pattering on the roof

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I really love the idea of free public art. These interesting sculptures were part of a week long exhibition a few weeks ago at Sawmiller's bay at McMahon's point on Sydney harbour. Such a beautiful spot! I had never  been there before even though I've lived in Sydney all my life. The sculptures were thought provoking and interesting, some were beautiful, some were intricate, some were simple and some were complex. There were some that we could imagine in our back yards & others that we did't really like at all!

I think that's the purpose of art. It should engage & encourage all sorts of reactions.

An enjoyable hour or two wandering through the sculptures.

Friday, March 21, 2014

more buildings....

I've been noticing everything about buildings in the last few weeks while looking for the perfect photo to submit for the challenge that I wrote about here. There are so many ways to capture a building & so many different buildings to capture. And there are also limits on accessibility and timing.  Very difficult to choose. 
I guess it just comes down to choosing the one that speaks to you the most. And I guess there's not really a perfect photo :)

{I ended up submitting the second one-not sure if it's the best but there's something simple about it that I really like} 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


:: sea gulls by the river
:: a tunnel leading to building 18 at Newington armory where this exhibition is being held
:: a drooping gerbera in the morning light
:: from the car, (I was the passenger)- I was quite happy that this photo wasn't blurry
:: early morning at the station, still searching for a building shot
:: a cute place in Mcmahons Point to have lunch with a friend

joining in with weekly stills

Saturday, March 15, 2014

March gratefuls {part 1}

I decided in this post, at the end of February, that I would collect 31 reasons to be grateful in March. Taking a photo each day and reflecting on those things for which I am thankful. Just the ordinary moments each day, pausing in the whirlwind that is life to notice the little things.  

Halfway through, these are my first 15 days....
**catching up with old friends over dinner & choc-orange cake **new friends, small visitors & knight adventures 
**sunshine after a rainy weekend 

**a pop of colour spotted while I was out & about completing errands **inspiring art by HSC students at an 
art express exhibition that I stumbled across **a good book or two on my bedside table **that smile :)

**our magic beach **shadows on my morning walk with Poppy **home made apricot, honey & fig  granola from  a 
lovely friend **beautiful morning light & rosebuds- I'm ready for an autumn flurry of roses

**amazing grace  **lunch at a cute place with a long time friend, (love the vintage milk bottle clock) **herbs from a 
friend's garden- they smell beautiful **sunrise from our bathroom window

to be continued.....

Monday, March 10, 2014

ten on ten

Ten photos over ten hours on the tenth day of each month. It comes around so quickly!
I'm joining in with Rebekah over at a bit of sunshine. Looking for the beauty in our every day.

This is what my tenth looked like, starting from 7am...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I went out this morning looking to take photos of buildings. The theme for this months clique challenge is buildings & monuments. {Clique is an amateur photography association that I've joined}. I don't have a lot of photos of buildings, so I'm going to see what I can do over the next few weeks. 
These are my favourites from this morning- but I'm undecided about whether I prefer close up details or wider shots that contain the whole building. 

What do you prefer to look at?

Monday, March 3, 2014


:: raindrops on a spider web
:: a sweet thank you card
:: a rainy path
::a wild iris

Joining in with weekly stills