"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Monday, March 31, 2014

March gratefuls {part 2}

"Piglet noticed that even thought he had a very small heart, 
it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude"
-AA Milne, Winnie the Pooh

I found the 2nd half of this project a little bit more difficult. Mostly iphone shots & not one every day.
But I did collect 31 reasons to be grateful over the 31 days in March and that was my intention.
{And I'm also reminded why I don't do 365's}

**fun phone apps that do double exposures(the dianna app in this shot) **a $6 bunch of irises from the supermarket
**fallen frangipanis **beautiful Sydney autumn days that feel a bit like summer & another instant film success

**birthday celebrations **James helping to bring the washing in (a new skill!) **Poppy wanting to play-she's
rediscovered this Bob the builder ball.   **signs of autumn, beautiful colours

**morning light shining on basil leaves in the kitchen **Charlie just getting on with his homework as the afternoon
light shines in our living area **raindrops on roses **love <3

**birds of paradise in the morning light **brothers **a weekend away at a beautiful beach **ordinary, mundane pegs,
 but quite pretty in the light.

I can't believe it's April tomorrow!


  1. I've really enjoyed the glimpses of your life that your March gratefuls have shown us. It's so interesting to think that you are beginning to get fall color as we're seeing spring bulbs beginning to push up from the soil. Fall has always been my favorite season and I wish you a happy one!

  2. Great job ...my favourites would be the Autumn colour, the pegs and big boys hanging the washing!! And hello April !!!

  3. These are wonderful, Leanne, and I just adore Poppy!

  4. Beautiful moments of your March! I did this once around Thanksgiving and found it very hard to photography gratitude. I find it much easier to keep a gratitude journal.

  5. Great captures, I don't think I could ever do a photo a day for a month let alone a whole year. I'm always amazed by those that do.

  6. I love that quote - it so captures the way gratitude can feel your heart and your life if you take the time to notice, as you have done this month. All lovely reminders of what makes a happy life.

  7. I can't believe it's April either. Crazy. Love the photos of your boys, growing up way too fast. And the light in these is just beautiful. Hope all well Leanne xx