"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Friday, March 21, 2014

more buildings....

I've been noticing everything about buildings in the last few weeks while looking for the perfect photo to submit for the challenge that I wrote about here. There are so many ways to capture a building & so many different buildings to capture. And there are also limits on accessibility and timing.  Very difficult to choose. 
I guess it just comes down to choosing the one that speaks to you the most. And I guess there's not really a perfect photo :)

{I ended up submitting the second one-not sure if it's the best but there's something simple about it that I really like} 


  1. I always have a difficult time choosing an image for submission to a contest or theme - I'm not very good at reviewing my own work - trying to decide what others will think is the "best". I think it eventually comes down to the image that speaks to you the most.

    I really like the one that you chose - there is something simple yet interesting about that sign above the building. But they are all interesting - you managed to capture lots of different types of building in creative ways. Of course, I have a great fondness for the reflection of the ship and crane.

  2. These are wonderful, Leanne!
    I really like the first one. It reminds me very much a building I photographed in Boston the last time I was there. I've looked at it a lot, but cannot decide on color versus black and white, so I put is aside for a while.

    The last shot here? Definitely my kind of building!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. They are all great ...so different each with their own personality. Good luck xx

  4. Wonderful collection of building images! I think you picked a great one for the challenge. I also like the reflections in the first one and the building in the last!