"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

people watching

 I had such a fun day today watching people.
Starting off at Central station & meandered down to Circular Quay via the Strand Arcade we wandered slowly, stopped, observed & took photos. Our aim was to capture a slice of daily life. It is a challenge to do street photography in way that is unobtrusive & authentic, to capture people going about their daily life. It was definitely made easier by the company of the lovely Justine. We both took a lot of photos. I deleted more than half & ended up with only a handful to share.

Here are some of the photos from our day out....

'Daily life' is the May challenge for an amateur photography group that I'm part of- I may or may not submit one of these....


  1. Been so long since I've been out and about in the city. I miss people watching, always so interesting

  2. Great captures, love all of these - especially the superhero in the last shot!

  3. You guys are brave - people/street photography is not my thing! I have three favorites here...the overhead of the outdoor cafe (?), the woman in the peacock chair next to the manikin in the blue dress, and the superhero in his sporty shoes. Altogether a fun set!

  4. I really admire these - it is something on my photography wish list to try but, right now, I just don't "see" that way - how to compose with people in my shots. I really like the "from above" shot of the people eating - they add another level of pattern to the tiled floor. And the guy on the phone - oblivious to the giant ship passing by in the background.

  5. Great street photographs, Leanne!

  6. You've captured such wonderful shots of everyday life! I love the overhead shot of the café!