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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

something I read

09-What's something that you read today that made an impression on you? 

Today was my last day of work for the year. My job is in a school working as a learning support teacher in a year 3 class.  Although I am there specifically for one child I work with others too, either in small groups or generally helping out in whole class activities. It was lovely to receive a combined card from the group, each child expressing thanks for how I had helped them (it made me tear up a little).  There were some beautiful comments: "you're cool and nice",  "we have learnt so much from you" "you have been such a help" "thanks for helping me find solutions to my problems" "you're a lovely teacher and I am very lucky that you have taught me"

All I want to do in my job is to make a difference to the children's lives at school, especially those who find learning difficult. I feel incredibly blessed to receive these words of affirmation and thanks. I think my favourite comment that I read today was "Thank you for making me a better person". Such a lovely thing to say.

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  1. How lovely! There is nothing better than getting positive reinforcement that the work one does makes a real difference - and for you, extra-special as you impact the lives of children.