"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

taking stock #3

What better time is there to take stock than at the end of the summer holidays? It's been lovely but the routine starts again very soon. 
I've done a post like this before here and here. I quite enjoy thinking about what's happening right now {Inspired by Pip at Meet me at Mike's}.

Making : baskets, I finished my biggest one yet, using thick plastic shopping bags as a base. It's a bit messy with some of the plastic showing through but my niece Lucy really likes it so it's hers. You can see a photo here
Cooking : lots of BBQ's
Drinking : wine with every meal, (February may be an alcohol free month) 
Reading: Jane Austen (Sense & Sensibility) on my ipad. 
Wanting: to be better at technology- I'm having trouble scanning photos (I managed it on my 4th attempt)
Looking: at my calendar for February- there's much to do
Playing: board games- our 20 year old loves them
Deciding: what to throw out- we have a council clean up this week so had a big clean out of our garage.  I'm a bit too sentimental sometimes and want to keep much more than we need. 
Enjoying: slow mornings- soon to change
Waiting: for a new ipad cover that I made- hopefully it will arrive this week
Liking: eggs, bacon & mushrooms for breakfast
Wondering: what the year will bring
Loving: instant film, I didn't pick up my dslr much at all these holidays- but I took these photos on the weekend with my instant camera. I love the look. 
Pondering: what might motivate my photography this year- I quite like a project- any ideas? 
Considering: options for James-it's his last year at school this year and we need to find a community program that will work for him.
Watching: just finished watching 'true detective'. Excellent acting (Matthew McConaughy is amazing) and quite intense particularly in the last episode. 
Hoping: I haven't forgotten to pay any bills- the paperwork hasn't been attended to properly in the last month

Marvelling: at the beach- I love how it changes- the tides, the surf, the shape of the sand. Always different.
Needing: to get back into routine
Smelling: coffee, I've just finished my morning cup
Wearing: a new stripy t-shirt and jeans
Noticing: that teenage boys aren't very good at organising things (massive generalisation, I know)
Knowing: that I have a fortunate life
Thinking: about making goals, I don't really like doing it but it probably is a good thing to do
Admiring: creative people
Sorting: through emails- we get so many, I need to unsubscribe to many things
Buying: food for the family- I seem to be at the shops alot! 
Getting: organised for the year- hair cuts for the teenagers today
Disliking: humid weather & frizzy hair
Feeling: good!
Snacking: on nuts
Wishing: that i could accompany my husband on business trips- he's off to Portugal later in the month
Helping: out at the school canteen once a term- I've just been sent the roster
Hearing: rain, after weeks of sunshine the rain seems to have set in. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

public art

I'm a big fan of public art. Art that you can walk through and interact with. Maser's 'higher ground' which is part of the Sydney Festival reaches over 2 storeys high and relies on the public to bring it to life.
"Part installation, part photo playground, higher ground is a dream come true for those who always wished they could step inside a painting."

We did this last week on a beautiful summer's afternoon.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Cool, serene, tranquil, peaceful, soothing.
I love watching light dancing on water. It has such a calming effect. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

golden light

Yesterday afternoon I caught the ferry into the city with Charlie to meet up with David at his new office, wander around and have some dinner. It was such a beautiful evening. As we headed home through Sydney harbour and along the Parramatta River we sat on the top deck of a river cat and enjoyed the golden light and a sunset. As you can see Charlie loves the camera :)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

ten on ten

The first ten on ten for the year. Ten photos over ten hours on the tenth day of the month. It's something I always enjoy doing, looking for beauty in an ordinary day. A great reason to pick up my camera after a little bit of a break. An ordinary day but as I look through the photos I can see that a lot can happen. I started the morning with a walk (past pretty purple flowers), there was baking (gluten free banana & blueberry bread), there was a walk on the harbour foreshore, some cups of tea, a few jobs around the house & in the evening we wandered to a neighbour's house for dinner (past more pretty flowers). 
A lovely day. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015


January for many is new year's resolution and fresh starts and words for the year,  but I feel like I can't quite think of all those things yet. I just want to enjoy our beautiful summer. We've just had 2 weeks at the beach and if I close my eyes I can still feel the cool water and hear the crashing waves. It was lovely, time with family & friends,  time to read books,  BBQ's every night and lots of fresh air & sunshine. The one time that I picked up my camera was an early walk on the beach on new year's day. Beautiful. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

memories, dreams and reflections

Each year  in this space on New Years day I've posted some photos from the year using a list of 25 prompts. Even though I haven't used all 25, I think it's a fun way to look back at the year. Time goes so quickly and I've really enjoyed searching through my photos from 2014 and remembering people and places. 

Number 1-me
I don't have many photos of me, but here are my feet...mine are at the bottom. I love the brick work.

Number 2-I love you
My beautiful family

Numbers 4,8,10,13- summer,autumn,winter,spring

Number 7- I was inspired
I joined a photography group where we were given a brief & submitted a photo each month. I was a bit disappointed with the group & feedback given on my photos wasn't particularly good, but it did make me take photos of thing that I might not ordinarily take. These shots are from the first 4 months; water, buildings, shine a light and daily life. 

Number 9- travel
A little trip to a tropical island for our 25th wedding anniversary, so, so beautiful!

Number 11-a day in the life
We spent quite a bit of time at the beach this year, there's always something happening. This was taken in April.

Number 12- all smiles
A bit of push and shove from 2 of my boys.

Number 14-family
Me with my brothers: a photo that we found after my father died 2 years ago, this year I finally made a book of our family story, using this and other photos from long ago.

Number 15- celebration
25th wedding anniversary drinks at sunset, what could be better?

Number 18-beautiful
I discovered this beautiful part of the world when I had a spare afternoon one day in autumn.

Number 20- close up
On a bench in the Grounds of Alexandria

Number 22-favourite
I love the shadows & the light

Number 25-hopes & dreams
To notice the beauty in 2015

Happy new year x

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