"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

taking stock #3

What better time is there to take stock than at the end of the summer holidays? It's been lovely but the routine starts again very soon. 
I've done a post like this before here and here. I quite enjoy thinking about what's happening right now {Inspired by Pip at Meet me at Mike's}.

Making : baskets, I finished my biggest one yet, using thick plastic shopping bags as a base. It's a bit messy with some of the plastic showing through but my niece Lucy really likes it so it's hers. You can see a photo here
Cooking : lots of BBQ's
Drinking : wine with every meal, (February may be an alcohol free month) 
Reading: Jane Austen (Sense & Sensibility) on my ipad. 
Wanting: to be better at technology- I'm having trouble scanning photos (I managed it on my 4th attempt)
Looking: at my calendar for February- there's much to do
Playing: board games- our 20 year old loves them
Deciding: what to throw out- we have a council clean up this week so had a big clean out of our garage.  I'm a bit too sentimental sometimes and want to keep much more than we need. 
Enjoying: slow mornings- soon to change
Waiting: for a new ipad cover that I made- hopefully it will arrive this week
Liking: eggs, bacon & mushrooms for breakfast
Wondering: what the year will bring
Loving: instant film, I didn't pick up my dslr much at all these holidays- but I took these photos on the weekend with my instant camera. I love the look. 
Pondering: what might motivate my photography this year- I quite like a project- any ideas? 
Considering: options for James-it's his last year at school this year and we need to find a community program that will work for him.
Watching: just finished watching 'true detective'. Excellent acting (Matthew McConaughy is amazing) and quite intense particularly in the last episode. 
Hoping: I haven't forgotten to pay any bills- the paperwork hasn't been attended to properly in the last month

Marvelling: at the beach- I love how it changes- the tides, the surf, the shape of the sand. Always different.
Needing: to get back into routine
Smelling: coffee, I've just finished my morning cup
Wearing: a new stripy t-shirt and jeans
Noticing: that teenage boys aren't very good at organising things (massive generalisation, I know)
Knowing: that I have a fortunate life
Thinking: about making goals, I don't really like doing it but it probably is a good thing to do
Admiring: creative people
Sorting: through emails- we get so many, I need to unsubscribe to many things
Buying: food for the family- I seem to be at the shops alot! 
Getting: organised for the year- hair cuts for the teenagers today
Disliking: humid weather & frizzy hair
Feeling: good!
Snacking: on nuts
Wishing: that i could accompany my husband on business trips- he's off to Portugal later in the month
Helping: out at the school canteen once a term- I've just been sent the roster
Hearing: rain, after weeks of sunshine the rain seems to have set in. 


  1. love your instant shots and what a great list!

  2. Love this round-up of your "now" life. And love the look of that instant film - beautiful!