"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Sunday, May 31, 2015


Its the last day of May! Here are some photos from my phone that were taken over the last little while...


:: fallen (and arranged) autumn leaves
:: giraffe feeding time
:: James, finding interesting backgrounds for a portrait
:: beautiful light in the barn
:: view on the Bondi to Bronte walk
:: street art on garage doors
:: Bondi beach
:: weaving- I sold these baskets & all money went to a Nepal earthquake fund.


  1. What a nice variety! Your beaches are beautiful...but what really catches my eye here is that barn shot. Love it!

  2. Love those leaves and James! And now that I've seen those baskets in person I want to buy one too! Was so lovely to see you on Friday Leanne, thanks again so much xx

  3. All so beautiful! I love seeing your creative basket-weaving - congrats on your sales and kudos for your donation. They are so lovely.

  4. These are wonderful, Leanne.
    I especially love the light in the barn photograph.

  5. Ah yes, thought I recognised that coastline, love it! Beautiful shots, I especially like the Autumn leaves, they are magic!