"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

taking stock #4

Time is flying by so I thought it would be fun to stop for a moment and 'take stock'. 

Making : time to post here on my blog. Life has been quite full lately and I haven't been taking as many photos as I would like
Cooking : slow cooker yummies-last week it was lamb shank, fennel & vegetable soup and chicken & lentil curry. Both delicious!
Drinking : liquorice tea
Reading: Just finished 'Wild' by Cheryl Strayed
Wanting: to capture autumn with my camera
Looking: at sun shining through autumn leaves as I walk through my neighbourhood-so pretty
Deciding: what to do with photos that I had printed and framed
Wishing: for one extra day each week ( a weekend day preferably :)
Enjoying: spending time with extended family lately
Liking: chilly evenings & fluffy slippers
Wondering: whether Charlie will be able to easily find his way by public transport to his work experience placements over the next few weeks 
Loving: blue sky after over a week of crazy weather
Considering: a new camera...maybe
Buying: men's clothes for my boys- they're growing so quickly especially my 15 year old. 
Watching: the Bridge season 2- we have one more episode to go
Hoping: to get back into my exercise routine- it's hard to get organised after a little break
Marvelling: at how quickly cold & rainy is forgotten with a day of beautiful sunshine
Needing: a new book to read
Questioning: 10 year olds about what they're reading
Smelling: toast
Wearing: red beads
Noticing: that my phone doesn't stay charged as long as it used to
Knowing: what's important
Thinking: that world events and life in general can be overwhelming
Admiring: people who are lovely with children and adults with disabilities
Sorting: through a list of tasks..never ending
Getting: a bit bored at work at the moment (hopefully only temporarily)
Disliking: feeling like my time is being wasted
Giggling: with friends
Feeling: tired and happy
Snacking: a little too much :)
Hearing: birds singing and morning traffic

Inspired by  Pip.

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  1. Ah, loved "The Bridge". And I completely understand the difficulties of finding photography time.

  2. what a wonderful list, very inspiring and interesting. Have you read 'we are thoroughly beside ourselves" can't remember if you have, that is a great book or H is for Hawk

  3. Hope the boredom has eased and that you're enjoyimg autumn ..
    I love these taking stock posts