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Thursday, June 4, 2015

taking stock #5

I thought that I would take stock again.. I quite like writing posts like this :)
Inspired by Pip.

Making : more baskets- really loving it.. see here
Cooking : hamburgers with home made guacemole
Drinking : mineral water
Reading: 'H is for Hawk' but I'm not loving it..if I'm still not enjoying it after one more chapter I'll start something new- 'Quicksand' by Steve Toltz is next on my list
Wanting: to always  be thankful for all that I have
Looking: forward to the long weekend- lots of fun things happening
Playing: games on Luminosity- training my brain
Deciding: on what to photograph this month for a group I belong to... the theme is emotion
Wishing: I was a bit musically talented
Enjoying: a good nights sleep
Waiting: to upgrade my phone- Nick has convinced me to get an iPhone 6 plus. I'll make time to sort it out this week
Liking: the cover I made for my new phone- I thought I'd order the cover first :)
Wondering: whether the washing is dry- I should go & bring it in
Loving: watching my family growing up- seeing the men that my boys are becoming
Pondering: the changes that I need to make to my life to get a good balance for next year when James finishes school & begins a community program
Considering: some outdoor renovations
Buying: warm clothes
Watching: late afternoon arriving, its getting darker as I sit & type
Hoping: Charlie's theatresports team does well on Friday night

Marvelling: at how quickly time flies- I wrote the top half of this post on Tuesday, now it's Thursday. And it's June!
Needing: to prune my roses
Questioning: my ability to be tidy
Smelling: coffee-just made my 2nd cup for the morning
Wearing: track pants- I'll take the dog for a walk soon
Noticing: papers on the desk that need to be dealt with.. filed or thrown out
Knowing: that dealing with paperwork is never-ending
Thinking: about what I have to/ want to do today-it's my one day that I don't have any fixed activity
Admiring: teachers- Charlie's parent/teacher interviews yesterday showed me (as always) how dedicated they are to the kids
Sorting: I should be sorting out all the shelves in the study but it is something I tend to put off
Getting: ready for my day
Disliking: going to bed too late
Giggling: Jimmy Fallon-lip syncing in particular
Feeling: overwhelmed by my children's activities- places to be, things to buy, people to contact.....
Snacking: lindt chocolate
Helping: as much as I can
Hearing: the washing machine doing it's thing

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  1. Lovely idea, always nice to stop & think about the little things. I had a chuckle at your 'hearing the washing machine', as I sit here hearing the dryer doing it's thing...it's never ending on the washing front! Beautiful images too by the way :)