"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

my 365

Since the beginning of July, I've been taking a photo a day. Each month I've chosen a theme & used that to guide my photography, to keep me interested and to explore & practice one particular idea. So now I'm a third of the way through..hooray! 
It's been good. There are some days where my photos are quite good & others that are very average but I collect them anyway.  There are some days where I really don't want to take a photo but I  do anyway. So, I have now gathered 123 photos of moments in my days over the last 4 months. I'm really glad I'm doing it.

Here below is one example from each month..

July- instant film
August- up close
September- mornings
October- black & white

November will be buildings & architecture and December will be people... not sure what's after that :)
If you're interested in having a look at them all they're over here on flickr


  1. Congrats to you for taking on this project and for keeping up with it - especially on the days when you really don't want to. There is something really satisfying about a 365 project.

  2. I agree, these are wonderful and you are doing so well in your project, it's fun isn't it?