"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


October, you have been overwhelming!

So, right now, instead of attending to my to do list, I'm just going to fiddle around with some photos and spend a moment writing a list of 5 things that I noticed as I took my dog for a walk this morning.

  • Jacarandas are out and they are stunning
  • There are still new paths in my local area that I haven't discovered
  • Some people think that they should practise their dog training skills on Poppy as we walk by- she will sit on command but failed the hand shaking (why is that a necessary skill for a dog?)
  • The sound of lorikeets and cockatoos playing in the trees is quite loud at this time of the year
  • Fresh air, sunshine and exercise are excellent for my mood

Now, on with the to-dos....


  1. aren't the jacarandas absolutely stunning at the moment? Yes, some people do feel that dogs should do handshakes and it's so silly isn't it? beautiful pictures

  2. There's a downtown street in San Diego (where I used to live) that's lined with jacarandas and they are stunning in the spring, both when they bloom and when the blossoms fall and cover the pavement. Yours are beautiful against the blue, blue sky.

  3. Let the "to-do" lists wait! I like the way you have showed us three different views of blossoms. All gorgeous but I love the far-away viewpoint of that lace-like branches and blooms against the blue sky.