"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Friday, December 11, 2015

ten on ten

December ten on ten! Ten photos over ten hours on the tenth  day of the month. It's hard to believe we're at this time of the year, getting ready for Christmas & finishing up all the things for the year. The tenth was a lovely day and this is a little of what it looked like...

6.28am   hydrangeas from my garden on my dining table
8.57am   Christmas wrapping has begun
9.47am   Poppy stretching out on the grass
10.17am a cup of liquorice tea
12.09pm James' last Christmas concert at his school
12.32pm Christmas bush
12.38pm mural on the side of the road
2.21pm   cards made from my instagram photos
5.05pm   Charlie helping me out- nearly 3 hours since the last photo :)
6.48pm   Christmas lights on my fence just before dark

Joining in with Rebekah, as I do every month

Sunday, December 6, 2015


It was a beautiful day in Sydney today. This afternoon I took Charlie into the city so that he could watch a friend's drama performance. So, while I waited for him, James and I wandered around Barangaroo- a new park development on the harbour. It was so warm and summery. People were out and about enjoying the beautiful outlook and the gorgeous weather.  After a bit of a wander we stopped at a gelato cart for a treat (which was a highlight for James- we even had to go back to get one for Charlie when he was done!) 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

taking stock #6

I haven't been in this space for a while and I've missed it. I have been fairly busy over the last little while so I thought I'd get back into the blogging swing by sharing a 'taking stock' post, thinking about what's happening right now :) 

Making : lists! Items are slowly being ticked off
Cooking : poached eggs... I'm getting good at it

Drinking : black coffee
Reading : I've been having trouble getting into books lately, Ive just started "I know why the caged bird sings" by Maya Angelou- I'm really enjoying it so far
Wanting : to not be a nagging mother but at the same time wanting my children to take my advice (or at least listen to it) 
Looking : for Christmas presents
Playing : games on my phone -such a waste of time- I think I'm going to delete them
Deciding : what colour to paint our newly rendered retaining walls 
Wishing :  you a joyful & peaceful Christmas break
Enjoying : my family- had a fantastic night last night at James' graduation
Waiting : patiently
Liking : that it's nearly Christmas- a lovely time to slow down into the end of the year 

Wondering : about the future- so many unknowns

Loving : summer- although it's a bit chilly & overcast today
Pondering:  life, friendships, mentoring..etc 
Considering : plans for 2016- I turn 50 & instead of a party I'm doing 50 days of Leanne ( little catch ups with people over the course of the year)
Buying : online- it's so convenient
Watching: 'Suits' -fun & light
Hoping : that I can keep going with my 365.  I've been doing a different theme each month & I found November's buildings & architecture much more difficult that I thought 
Marvelling : at God's goodness
Cringing : Donald Trump
Needing : nothing- we have so much
Questioning : my creative ability at times
Smelling : coffee
Wearing : jeans & a t-shirt
Following : New Humans of Australia- a copy of Humans of New York but with beautiful stories of the lives of immigrants who have made a  new life in Australia
Noticing :  paperwork on the desk that needs attention
Knowing :  that being present is the key

Thinking : about what to tick off the list today
Admiring : staff at James' special school who treat the students with such dignity & seem to have endless patience
Sorting : always
Getting : bored with coming up with ideas for dinner
Coveting :  overseas holidays
Disliking :  how busy life can get
Opening : packages of presents that I've bought on line. I did a whole lot of Christmas wrapping yesterday so feeling a little bit organised!
Giggling : at some of the students at James' graduation last night -such joy & happiness
Feeling : nostalgic as James finishes up at school in a few weeks after being there for 13 years
Snacking : cashews

Hearing : the hum of the monitor in James' room

I'm joining in with Pip, who takes stock regularly