"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

taking stock #6

I haven't been in this space for a while and I've missed it. I have been fairly busy over the last little while so I thought I'd get back into the blogging swing by sharing a 'taking stock' post, thinking about what's happening right now :) 

Making : lists! Items are slowly being ticked off
Cooking : poached eggs... I'm getting good at it

Drinking : black coffee
Reading : I've been having trouble getting into books lately, Ive just started "I know why the caged bird sings" by Maya Angelou- I'm really enjoying it so far
Wanting : to not be a nagging mother but at the same time wanting my children to take my advice (or at least listen to it) 
Looking : for Christmas presents
Playing : games on my phone -such a waste of time- I think I'm going to delete them
Deciding : what colour to paint our newly rendered retaining walls 
Wishing :  you a joyful & peaceful Christmas break
Enjoying : my family- had a fantastic night last night at James' graduation
Waiting : patiently
Liking : that it's nearly Christmas- a lovely time to slow down into the end of the year 

Wondering : about the future- so many unknowns

Loving : summer- although it's a bit chilly & overcast today
Pondering:  life, friendships, mentoring..etc 
Considering : plans for 2016- I turn 50 & instead of a party I'm doing 50 days of Leanne ( little catch ups with people over the course of the year)
Buying : online- it's so convenient
Watching: 'Suits' -fun & light
Hoping : that I can keep going with my 365.  I've been doing a different theme each month & I found November's buildings & architecture much more difficult that I thought 
Marvelling : at God's goodness
Cringing : Donald Trump
Needing : nothing- we have so much
Questioning : my creative ability at times
Smelling : coffee
Wearing : jeans & a t-shirt
Following : New Humans of Australia- a copy of Humans of New York but with beautiful stories of the lives of immigrants who have made a  new life in Australia
Noticing :  paperwork on the desk that needs attention
Knowing :  that being present is the key

Thinking : about what to tick off the list today
Admiring : staff at James' special school who treat the students with such dignity & seem to have endless patience
Sorting : always
Getting : bored with coming up with ideas for dinner
Coveting :  overseas holidays
Disliking :  how busy life can get
Opening : packages of presents that I've bought on line. I did a whole lot of Christmas wrapping yesterday so feeling a little bit organised!
Giggling : at some of the students at James' graduation last night -such joy & happiness
Feeling : nostalgic as James finishes up at school in a few weeks after being there for 13 years
Snacking : cashews

Hearing : the hum of the monitor in James' room

I'm joining in with Pip, who takes stock regularly


  1. This is lovely. Definitely delete the games from your phone, I did and they were even more of a time suck that I realised! Beautiful agapanthus. Thank you for sharing were you are today. :)

  2. Speaking of retaining walls...I love the stone walls in that last photo! Such a great list - I wonder what would happen if I tried to take stock like that. Re "cringing" : I'm shamed by the thought that people around the world think that man represents this country (and therefore me) in any way. Sadly, I guess there must be people who support him, but everything he says (and the way he says it) literally makes me feel ill.

  3. I love your lists, they are so good. Phone games are never a good idea! Lovely agapanthus and sounds like you have everything very much under control.

  4. Yes, I love this idea of "taking stock". Big congrats on James' graduation - a major milestone. Your walls are so lovely.

    And I definitely agree with Lee - I can't believe that such a racist and bigoted man is running to represent our country - and even worse, that he is leading the Republican pack. It is shameful.