"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

365 update

At the beginning of July last year I began a 365- a photo a day- with a theme for each month. Well, I'm nearly two thirds of the way through and I must say that at this moment I'm not loving it (which maybe why I've decided to post about it- perhaps  to give me the little boost that I need).

I decided to have a theme each month to make it more manageable for me (breaking it down into 30 day lots), but I have discovered that sometimes themes can make it more difficult. I really struggled with buildings & architecture even though I thought it would be easy- we were having building done at our house at the time so a few times I just took a photo of that.

However I've kept up with my schedule ( more or less) & I will continue for another 4 and a bit months. I'm thinking I will make my last themes quite broad or perhaps not do themes at all :)
So here are some examples of the last few months...

November- a month of building & architecture
December- a month of summer
January- a month of afternoons
February- a month of food

So, there it is- another week of food & then who knows what I will choose for March.

Click here to see some examples of the 1st four month


  1. I am so envious of that deck! And I love seeing your photos, you're doing very well to keep it up xx

  2. Great pics and a great way to stretch your skills as a photographer . Themes can be helpful but they can be restrictive too....go with what you see I think...random can be exciting xxx

  3. I think these are great, Leanne, and I like the idea of a theme.
    Keep at it, my friend!

  4. I like these - great examples of each of those themes. I think you've given yourself an extra challenge by trying to do a theme each month, and I'm proud of you for sticking with it. For me...it works well not to think that I'm doing a 365 project. I'm just taking a photo every day, that's all. :-)

  5. I love the idea of themes for your 365. I don't know if I could do them for a month at a time, but a week would probably work better for me. I'm doing a 365 this year and I'm a little disappointed with myself. Instead of improving my photography, I find myself just snapping a picture to get it over with. That's not what I wanted. I've thought a lot about this during the last few days and know I have to stop, take the time, and shoot with intent. Your images encourage me to do just that!