"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

instant film

So, I had a bit of fun with my instant camera on the weekend as we went for a walk in a park that is a little bit of a drive from our house. The park is adjacent to an old heritage homestead which had a couple of rusty cars in the paddock. I had trouble scanning the photos for this blog post so I took a digital photo of them instead.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

blue trees & wanderings

 Last Thursday I went to Pyrmont in the city  with my sister in law to check out an Art & About installation at Pirrama Park. So pleasant to wander around in an area of Sydney that I hadn't really spent much time in before.  The installation was very striking & unusual, the strong, bright blue trunks  definitely demanded our attention. I also love the ANZAC bridge (and bridges in general) so it was great to look at it from a different perspective.

"The Blue Trees is an environmental art installation that draws attention to global deforestation by turning living, breathing trees bright blue, demanding we notice them before the planet’s old forests are gone for good."  (more information here)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

ten on ten

The tenth of the month comes around so quickly and even if I'm not enthusiastic at first, it doesn't take long to get excited about taking a photo every hour (or so) for ten hours. And it's even better when I've organised to hang out with my sister in law for the morning. We went to an art installation at Pyrmont where some of the trees were painted blue! We had coffee, went wandering & chatted. 

A lovely way to spend the morning...

And this is a bit of what my whole day looked like....

6.36am     morning sky
8.11am     lavender blooming 
8.53am    James arriving at his day program
9.05am    my niece's birthday flowers 
9.51am    blue trees at Pirrama Park- an art installation intended to draw attention to environmental issues
10.23am  red geraniums- view from the coffee shop
11.07am  looking up
11.13am  looking down
3.24pm    pretty purple & white lisianthus
7.25pm   after dinner ice creams 

Joining in with Rebekah

Thursday, March 3, 2016

this morning

Newington armory is quite close to us & there are always interesting things to photograph. 
This morning I had a few moments to spare (lucky me). What better way to spend a spare 45 minutes than to wander around here and visit an art exhibition located nearby. (Art Express- an exhibition of some of the best HSC major artworks).