"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

ten on ten

Its the tenth of the month again so I've been taking photos today. Ten photos over ten hours, noticing the little things in an ordinary day.  It really is a beautiful way to document life. This is a bit of what my tenth looked like..

6.30am     Charlie getting his breakfast
7.19am     gardenia leaves in the early morning
8.03am     Poppy was lying in the morning sun & decided to walk over to me when she saw that I was taking a photo
8.24am     weaving projects, I started a new basket the other day ( the natural & purple raffia) 
9.06am     camelia buds on a fence near where I work
1.30pm    autumn leaves & blue sky
2.55pm    a special jar filled with ingredients to bake
3.57pm    sun streaming into our new room, that used to be the garage
4.05pm    mandarins picked from our tree for afternoon tea
4.41pm    afternoon sun & shadows on the sideboard


  1. The autumn light is beautiful in all these photos. The one that made me catch my breath is your new used-to-be-the-garage room. The brick walls, casual comfy seating, and sunlight streaming in, all come together to make a place I'd love to linger.

  2. I remembered to do mine too! I love the glimpse into your routine, lovely pictures and wonderful light

  3. Ditto seabluelens! Those brick walls are incredible. Lots of interesting light in this set.

  4. I love the magical light in these photos! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What wonderful light in each of these, Leanne, especially the second one.
    Than you for sharing here!