"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

ten on ten

Ten on ten- ten photos over ten hours on the tenth day of the month. A really great way to document a  day. Looking out for the beauty in the everyday.

 I'm feeling newly inspired to take photos because David bought me a new Sony mirrorless camera for my birthday this week. It's a really amazing camera and I'm not sure how to use it properly yet, but what better way is there to learn than to just do it. 

This is a bit of what my day looked like....

:: morning walk in the streets around where I live
:: looking up, autumn is here
:: local street art- my suburb used to be granny smith's apple orchards
:: a box of gift cards- a bit of a tidy up & sort today
:: out at a meeting
:: the clouds from the rooftop car park
::cheese & bikkies
::my scarf
:: pretty flowers
:: evening by the railway tracks


  1. A very Happy Birthday to you, Leanne, and congratulations on your new camera.
    It looks like you have already become good friends with it, and I look forward to seeing all the wonderful images you will make in the future!

  2. What a wonderful birthday present! The photos are wonderful - as always, I love seeing bits of your day. Every month I read your ten-on-ten post and think I'd like to do it myself, and then I immediately forget about it until I see your next post. Perhaps if I put a reminder on my phone....

  3. I love this series -- always brightens my day! Are you on Twitter at all? Just wondering.

  4. Oh a new camera is an amazing gift! Happy Birthday! Hope it was superb! Those red autumn flowers are amazing and I love the 'apple' street art xx