"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


For a good deal of August my family have been sick with flu and coughs and general exhaustion- starting with me and working its way through all but one family member. Now, as Spring is here we've all got a bit of our energy back so I've been out and about taking some photos ready to share in this space.

Last week I went with a friend to 'Hidden' -a sculpture exhibition held in Rookwood cemetery. I always enjoy public art and it was really lovely wandering through the cemetery and finding hidden treasures in amongst the grave stones....

On the weekend we had a lovely few days by the beach....

And yesterday I went with Justine for a wander around the city..

(There are more photos from yesterdays outing on our collaborative blog, Two takes)

Hopefully there will be much more photo taking and posting over September. x


  1. I'm glad you're all on the mend. And glad for you that spring has arrived. I'll be vicariously enjoying your warmer weather as we head into fall and winter here.

  2. I am sorry everyone was sick, Leanne, and truly happy that you are all better now.
    Her on the other side of the world, we will be moving into fall soon, but I am thinking real soon, as temperatures have been unseasonably cool for this early in September (and actually, August too). Hopefully Mother Nature will give us one last blast of warm weather, before the long, big chill sets in.
    Happy day to you, my friend!