"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Friday, August 19, 2011


After a week of a bit of sickness and busy-ness I'm grateful to get to the weekend. 
And I'm grateful that I can link up with Maxabella loves.. to think about my reasons to be grateful. 

This week I'm grateful for my musically talented family. I have just been to a school music performance night and it was really good. So glad to have committed music teachers who love the kids and encourage their best. Grateful that Nick has persevered with the trumpet. He's very talented.

It was dark and I was sitting too far away to get a good photo, so I've included this very blurry one. 
I even had a go at trying to edit it a bit (I never do that!) 


  1. Sorry you haven't been well. It's great that your family is so musical.

  2. Oh so nice to have musical talent in the family, i always regret not having learnt an instrument and sometimes wished my mum had forced me!
    Enjoy the weekend. x

  3. How lovely... We have very little musical talent in our family. I hope my boys will embrace instruments when they're old enough.

    That shot looks great!

  4. I love the blurriness, it's artistic in this image. And yay for trying out editing! Go girl!

  5. I think the editing really works and I like the blurriness. Yay for musical talent!

  6. I'd love those Tsunamis of mine to learn an instrument. It's not looking likely, but I try to immerse them in music as much as possible! x

  7. From a very non musical family to yours, congratulations, the blurry image kind of adds to the quirkiness of the grand event. I'm just grateful that my eldest is in high school & i get to listen to the senior band now, they are pretty great. Too many years of primary school attempts, it's killed my spirit & desire to encourage my children towards music. Maybe later?? Until then i'm happy to watch their sports, love Posie

  8. I grew up playing instruments and LOVE that part of my life. I still play and so wish that one of my kids would show interest. It's looking highly unlikely at the moment but I guess you never know. I do love that picture.x