"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I was reading this post by Kat Sloma about balancing shapes.
She explores the idea of how shapes can be balanced in a photograph to add interest.
( you really should read the post if you want a better explanation).
 So, I had a look through some photos to see how I use balance when composing a photo.

Here are some that I took a few weeks ago.
I really liked the artwork on this concrete tank.
 I thought that  I would include the posts in the background to make the photo a bit more interesting.
I think that has something to do with balance.

 Although maybe the post draws your eye away from the artwork. 
Perhaps this is a poor example of balance in photography. The posts become more of a distraction. Not sure...

Loved the texture in this photo below.
I used the bottom left & top right to add some contrasting colour, line & texture.
I think this fits somehow into the idea of balancing shapes.

Symmetry, perfect balance of the windows.
The fire hose on the right makes it slightly off balance but adds something to the overall picture.
I think that these photos capture something of what Kat was talking about, & you can check out more posts about balance here.


  1. Nice to visit you here thanks to your visit to me!
    The shot I like best is the second one because the bench and the opening with the grid create an interesting tension between them which creates balance. I also like the texture of the 3 main elements and the green vertical line of concrete(?) which runs behind the grid.

  2. Awesome photos and I love how you break them down, it actually helps with the way in which I look at them, after reading your words xo

  3. You did great with this Leanne. I'm struggling with this subject, but I'm trying. I think that 2nd shot with the bench really nailed it, but I am a fan of street art and graffiti, so I like the top shot a lot-Happy spring to you.

  4. Leanne - for me, balance is something that is more intuitive and I find it somewhat difficult to put into words how I applied those concepts to my images. In your second photo, the bench and the gridded window balance each other nicely - both have the same rustiness and share horizontal lines. The expanse of white wall, with its vertical lines, provides a great backdrop for these elements. I love the third image - fantastic arched windows. The three red elements are what draws my eye - the reel, the pipe and the hose - which are balanced by the warm stonework background.

  5. Fantastic images. Love the symetry of the last shot but I think the bench with the lines and textures is my favourite.

  6. Leanne, I like that first shot a lot. I don't know about balance - but I like the way those posts on the right echo the shapes of the pairs of tall buildings in the background. That protrusion at the top of the structure on the left, even though there's only one, still ties in with those other shapes.
    The second one, the bench and gridded window opening, is a perfect example of balance. In fact, it looks to me like a "Kat shot"! :-) And I agree with Brenda about the third one. The stonework, the windows, the red - all come together to make a beautiful image.

  7. GREAT job! You really did find the balance. I think that the balance is achieved in your first shot, with the repetition of the shapes in the post leading you further into the photograph. Your second two shots are excellent examples of the balance of shapes. Nicely done! Thanks for joining in with Exploring with a Camera.

  8. It seems like you have an intuitive understanding of balance. Your second shot is amazing with the perfect balance of lines and colors, and it is a Kat-like image. And I also find the third one so lovely in its colors and balance of shapes. Well done!

  9. These are great images! I love the lines and textures of the bench shot!!