"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Friday, June 22, 2012

on the weekend (part 2)

Last Sunday I went on a food & photography course in Cabramatta.
I posted some photos earlier in the week and now I've had a chance to look through & post some more.

This is a bit more of what our day looked like.
There was plenty of fresh produce in the markets.
This lady was sitting at the side of the road cutting a durian, it's quite a skill!
Oops, that's my sister in laws camera in the bottom right of this shot!

We also enjoyed some street entertainment.
Michael jackson!


  1. fantastic street photography, so vibrant and it all tells a great story.

  2. Again, you really captured the life and soul of this area. Love the market shots, with their gorgeous colors and textures.

  3. I especially like the photo with the crab(?) and the stacked fish. This always looks so nice when I'm in Chinatown, but I never dare to take photos :-)

  4. Love the greens and mandarin shot and MJ is so enthisiastic

  5. Great shots of the market. I've been wanting to do this too.

  6. I love the greens and the fish... mmmm I think lunch is in order as well as tea and cake when I head down with Max in the holidays!

  7. Love all of these. The produce shots are amazing and I love, love your street photography. I'm always a bit wimpey about street photography but your shots really make me want to get out there and have a go. Love the lady cutting the durian, awesome smile! Great set.

  8. What a great day, Leanne, and all of that fresh produce looks wonderful.
    One of my favorite things about summer.