"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Kat Sloma is looking at signs in Exploring with the camera at the moment. 
I  thought that I would have a look through my photos from the last little while & see what I could find. 
I found a few, all with a purpose and that obviously grabbed my attention for long enough for me to want to take a photo! 
Here is some of what I found:

Shop signs...

warning signs...

descriptions & information...

boat names...

street names....

speed limits...

Signs aren't normally something that I would intentionally go and photograph, but as I've looked through my archives I can see that I find signs quite interesting, and have managed to capture quite a few.
Always good to go exploring with Kat!


  1. Great finds, Leanne! I love that statue of the boy extracting a thorn -- I guess someone felt his action had to be explained. The composition in Giraffe Rd. is terrific!

  2. I agree with Gina about the 'thorn boy' sculpture and Giraffe Rd. I also like the sneaky peak of Fantasea Crystal... great composition!

  3. Leanne - great collection. Isn't interesting to search through one's archive and find something that you didn't even really know was there? Love "Giraffe Rd" - the point-of-view and the golden-orange tones. And the beautiful obviousness of "Information" and its wonderful processing.

  4. Love these, a great collection. Love Giraffe Road and the vibrant colours in the information shot.

  5. Always goo to have you exploring too! You captured so many great signs. I like your addition of the kind of signs - boat names, street names, speed limits. "Giraffe Rd" and "Information" are my faves. And LOL, that "Boy Extracting Thorn" had to be spelled out for us. Of course, I might have assumed he was extracting a splinter, so it's good they told me. :) Thanks for joining Exploring with a Camera this month!

  6. Great photographs Leanne, love how wide and varied they are too. Amazing how many different types of signs are out there. I'd never think to look for them to photograph either xo

  7. I think this is so awesome. You know what I love? Street lights / street lamps. I'm obsessed with them. I have no idea why. Great pictures!

  8. Wonderful selection of signs Leanne!

  9. What fun, love your signs. The 'information' one is my pic, it looks like a message from heaven will be beaming into that spot ....

  10. You found so many. My fave is that Giraffe one-great POV. I alos love that first image full of signs everywhere.

  11. Great collection of signs!! I love the first one with all the signs!! Great variety!!