"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

flower power

Yesterday I met with 2 friends for lunch. We try to get together from time to time & it was lovely. 
We first met when our eldest children started school & now they're all in their final year of high school. 
Amazing how time flies, and so special to maintain friendships that were made at the school back gate.

We went to a plant nursery with a restaurant that is local to one of us.
 After we ate we wandered around, looking at all the flowers on display.
So beautiful, feels like Spring!


  1. it's great to have friends like that :)
    the plant nursery must be a great place, your photos look great!

  2. It really does feel like spring is just around the corner doesn't it?! I love, love, love the composition of the poppies pic!!!

  3. These photos are all lovely Leanne. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Flower power indeed! A grand collection of images. Love that last one with its beautiful negative space and glowing flowers. Also the macro of the bamboo(?) sticks and its wonderful repetition of shapes and textures. And you did a lovely job arranging them.

  5. I love your photographs! So beautiful! And, I was lucky enough to get one of your cards through Liberate Your Art---a beautiful flower! I love it. thank you.
    I need to get my cards Irecieved up on my blog tomorrow too. thanks!

  6. this looks absolutely lovely, what a great place to meet and lovely photographs

  7. This is a beautiful set of images, Leanne.
    i especially love the blue bowl(?).
    It is a perfect composition.